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It’s hard to believe that a little over two years ago, Josh Duggar was just another grinning, innocuous member of the massive 19 Kids and Counting brood.

Sure, as the eldest of the lot and a semi-successful lobbyist, Josh stood apart in some respects, but to the casual reality TV fan, he was of interest only due to the staggering number of people who share his DNA.

Anna, Josh Duggar

These days of course, Josh is no longer an anonymous face in the Duggar crowd, but not because he distinguished himself through hard work and achievement.

Quite the opposite.

As a result of the Josh Duggar sex scandals that first came to light in May of 2015, Josh’s name is now mentioned alongside the likes of Jared Fogle or Bill Cosby.

He’s become infamous as the worst kind of predator, and with good reason.

First, the world learned that when he was in his teens, Josh molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

Josh Duggar Cries
Photo via TLC

(It was later revealed that Josh’s parents failed to report him to the authorities, instead opting to "deal with" the matter in-house.)

Shortly thereafter, the affair-facilitating website Ashley Madison was hacked, and Josh’s name was included on the list of clients.

So we know that for a long time Josh tried to cheat on Anna Duggar.

In fact, he really gave it his all.

Josh had not one, but two paid Ashley Madison accounts, and he even used other people’s photos on his profile as part of his effort to lure in potential cheating partners.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar and Kids
Photo via TLC

(Josh is currently being sued by a Los Angeles-based DJ whose photos he used. The man claims his involvement in the scandal irreparably damaged his career.)

Unlike the molestation scandal, the cheating ordeal had actual, real-world fallout for Josh, whose family forced him into a six month sex addiction rehab program.

But now that the dust has settled, we can’t help but wonder – did Josh ever actually cheat in Anna?

Was he somehow able to find a willing partner online?

We have our doubts.

Josh Duggar Family Photo
Photo via Facebook

Now, mind you, we’re in no way defending Josh’s character.

In fact, the man very clearly has no character to defend.

But we are having difficulty imagining that there are women using Ashley Madison (a tough image to conjure on its own), and that those women saw Josh’s profile, became intrigued, offered to meet up, and then were totally cool with finding out they’d been catfished.

Now, it’s possible that Josh relied on sex workers for his infidelity, but that seems unlikely for several reasons.


For starters, Josh has lived in places – rural Arkansas and (very briefly) Washington, D.C.

In the former, we imagine there are very few brothels.

The latter is positively teeming with prostitutes, but 1. Josh was only there for a month, and 2. he was a high-profile employee of a conservative lobbyist organization.

Pulling off any sort of illicit sex would’ve required a level of stealth that we simply don’t believe Josh is capable of.

Not to mention the fact that at this point, any sex workers hired by Josh would’ve probably sold their stories to the tabloid media.

A woman named Danica Dillon claimed that she met Josh while she was working as a stripper and that he paid her for sex on multiple occasions, but her claims didn’t hold out in court.

Joshua Duggar Pic
Photo via TLC

She later retracted her version of events on social media, confessing that while she did meet Josh, they never actually engaged in intercourse.

Again, we have no interest in defending Josh, only in pointing out the absurdity of his situation:

Despite his fame and his constant efforts to cheat on his wife, it looks like he was consistently unable to do so.

Josh is worse than a cheater:

He’s a wannabe cheater, a failed cheater.

So if you’re the one person on the planet who’s still holding on to a shred of respect for this creep, we suggest you go ahead and toss that out the window.