The Real Housewives of New York Recap: Bethenny Frankel Reveals a HUGE Secret

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Tensions flared up on Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City when Ramona Singer thought it would be a good idea to attend a clambake hosted by Barbara Kavovit. 

The issue was that Ramona was never invited, and it emerged that Barbara left her off the guest list with the aim of keeping things calm for newly sober Luann de Lesseps. 

Bethenny Frankel on RHONY

Ramona showed up with Tinsley Mortimer and Sonja Morgan. The trio agreed to only stay at the event for an hour, presumably to cause a scene and bail with a doggy bag. 

Ramona was quick to try and get on Barbara's good side. For the most part, it worked, but Luann was not as forgiving. 

Luann admitted that it was time to "cut to the chase," and figure things out, but Ramona was not ready to talk to her, and bailed on the conversation. 

She went over to Sonja and Barbara and said that they should find a way to bring Luann and Dorinda back together.

Now Ramona's gonna pretend she's all worried about Luann's recovery?!" Sonja said while trying to stop laughing in a confessional.

Ramona Singer on E!

"Okay, good one. Good one, Ramona. We know that you're not worried about Luann. You just wanna tell everyone that she was out getting drunk. We know what you're doing here."

Sonja wanted to know whether Ramona contacted Bethenny in the aftermath of Dennis Shields' death. Ramona gleefully said she had via text, and Sonja was pissed.  

"No, now. Now!" Sonja said as Ramona said she had "too much tension going on right now."

Tinsley apoogized to Bethenny for her loss, but picked up on the huge ring Bethenny was wearing. 

"I feel like he would want me to wear it," Bethenny said.

Bethenny Frankel in Sweater

"Oh! It's from him," said a stunned Tinsley. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. Oh, my God. Of course, he would want you to wear it. Oh, my God. Wow."

Bethenny then admitted that Dennis proposed to her in April 2018. 

"It was not even close to a perfect relationship," Bethenny said.

"Part of me died inside. It was really bad. But I couldn't get out, though, either. I loved him so much, and we were family, and my daughter was so close to him, and I knew him for so many years."

"He proposed on April 25th. I didn't tell anybody that. I kept it to myself because I didn't want another circus of my life, so I didn't want to start telling people, but we had our own private engagement."

Whoa There, Bethenny Frankel!

Bethenny admitted that Dennis even bought her daughter a ring.

"It's funny because he said to me, 'Well, did you say yes?'" she recalled.

"And I said, 'Well, I love you and I can't believe you did this, but we have to talk about some conditions and some terms and how things are going to change, issues I've had with partnership and consistency.' It was all very complicated."

"It wasn't what a natural engagement should be, so our engagement was on ice."

Ramona, Sonja, and Tinsley knew it was time to go when the one-hour alarm went off on the phone. 

Barbara Kavovit

"Maybe you can bring some [food] back for Dorinda?" Barbara said prompting Ramona to gather the forces and take pretty much everything in sight. 

Sonja was happy about the offer. 

"I'm not leaving the lobsters," she told the camera. "That's who I am. That's just who I am."

"Who leaves someone's house with multiple lobsters?!" Bethenny complained to the camera. "You know, a little piece of lasagna for the next day, a couple meatballs... She's taking lobsters! Take a f--king sofa! Just take a f--king end table while you're at it."

"She stays for half an hour and then she takes a lobster with her," Luann added. "I've never seen anything like it!"

Sonja Morgan Image

Sonja, Tinsley, and Ramona returned to the house to tell Dorinda everything. They got chatting about the lawsuit that paved the way for Luann to relapse. 

"That lawsuit won't be dropped until everything is finalized," Sonja said. "But that's why I asked Bethenny to help her with Dennis and all that 'cause you need a smart guy doing that stuff."

That's when Ramona went low. We're taling VERY low. 

"How smart can Dennis be? I mean, he was on drugs," she yelled.

"How unsophisticated are you?" Sonja said of Ramona in a confessional. "Such a lame statement, an unfeeling towards our friend, Bethenny, who just lost her best friend. I can't do this. Alcohol excuses a lot, but not that statement."


RHONY continues Wednesdays on Bravo.

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