Jinger Duggar: Why Is She So Beloved By Fans?

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Even among their most devoted fans, the Duggar family is a controversial bunch.

In the most Duggar-obsessed corners of the internet, you'll find heated debates about everything from Jill's inability to homeschool her kids to Jessa's famously unhealthy cooking.

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And of course, there's still a good deal of talk about the major Duggar scandals -- the ones that almost brought the family's lucrative media empire crashing down.

But strangely, one member of the family seems oddly immune to the daily avalanche of Duggar criticism.

We're talking, of course, about Jinger Duggar.

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Some might argue that Jana is more popular with fans, but that seems to be primarily a result of the fact that her decision to remain single has become an object of obsession.

The unabashed love for Jinger that's apparent in every Duggar message board seems to be a result purely of her ability to capture the public's imagination.

Jinger is the family rebel, and as a result, she has an intersectional appeal among Duggar obsessives.

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The fundamentalists love her because she's mostly stuck with the ideals she was raised with.

Those who are a bit more wary of the Duggars' belief system love her because she's broken from her father's extremist evangelicalism in subtle but significant ways.

As you're probably aware, Jinger's decision to wear pants instead of the long skirts required by her family's dress code was a controversial one.

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And that's just one of many ways that she's rebelled against Jim Bob in the years since she married Jeremy Vuolo.

(The couple has already relocated to Laredo, Texas, and there have been rumors of Jinger and Jeremy moving to Los Angeles, much to Jim Bob's chagrin.)

But all of this rebellion was done in such a way that Jinger never alienated her more conservative fans.

She waited until she was married (and received her husband's permission) before defying her parents' dress code.

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She waited more than a year after tying the knot before getting pregnant -- a major no-no in a family that teaches women that procreation is her primary reason for being -- but she eventually embraced motherhood.

There are several other rebels in Jinger's sizable family -- and she has several siblings who demonstrate complete obedience to Jim Bob.

Jinger represents the perfect mix of defiance and deference, new school and old -- and it seems to be that balancing act that's earned her so many fans.

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