Jessa Duggar: Slammed For Failure to Properly Homeschool Kids!

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The Duggars are obviously famous for their ability/willingness to have a whole lot of children. See the previous title of their show.

But the 19 Kids & Counting turned Counting On stars are just about as well known for their hands-on approach to parenting.

Each of the Duggar kids was homeschooled, and these days, they're carrying that tradition on with their own children.

Now, though, fans are wondering if the mother of two Jessa Duggar is up to the task of educating her sons herself.

Above you will see a video of her eldest son, 2-year-old Spurgeon, that Jessa posted on Instagram earlier this week.

Jessa captioned the clip, which looks harmless at a glance:

"One of the cousins must’ve been giving him lessons."

Like everything the Duggars do, the photo has been scrutinized by fans, many of whom don't like what they see.

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Spurgeon is obviously doing an impressive job of identifying his shapes, and is only two years old. It's hard to set expectations too high.

Still, some fans have taken issue with the lessons being taught to the boy, and are openly questioning whether she's up to the job.

The cousins that Jessa is referring to must be Josh's kids, as no other children in the family are old enough for such an advanced lesson.

Josh's oldest child (of five) is seven years old, and fans have pointed out that he could use some work on his spelling and shape recognition.

(Like we said, this crowd loves to complain.)

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"Impressed with Spurgeon's memory!  But you might want to review octagons and hexagons with his big cousin," tweeted one fan.

Others commented that there are several misspellings on the board, and none of the adults have stepped in to point out the errors.

"Shaps? Interesting that it has NOT been corrected. Do they believe it is correct?" commented one Instagram user.

Obviously, this is nit-picking of the highest order, and fans shouldn't be so critical of a couple of kids playing school.

At the same time, however, since the Duggars homeschool their kids, it is their responsibility to ensure they're not being misinformed.

Ben, Jessa Seewald Pic

Most parents could just laugh and walk away from a scene like the one in Jessa's video, because of the public school system.

Knowing their kids would eventually learn their shapes and spelling in school even if not everything is perfect at home? A nice luxury.

Unfortunately, Jessa doesn't have that luxury.

Homeschooling is a massive responsibility, and it's rare to see a member of the Duggar family reading a book that's not the Bible.

Because of this, a number of fans will always wonder if the parents are doing right by their kids in keeping them out of school.

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Of course, for whatever it's worth, within her tight-knit family, Jessa's teaching abilities are being universally praised:

"Spurgeon went 7 for 7. My best was 5 for 7. He's a genius!" tweeted Jinger Duggar's husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

Clearly, Jeremy is kidding ... we think.

In any event, you can watch Counting On online for a whole lot more from reality TV's most controversial family.

New episodes return February 26, and no doubt, plenty of controversy will follow from the Tontitown crew.

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