Wendy Williams' Husband Actually Talks, Addresses Relapse Revelation

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Kevin Hunter chose not to say anything when rumors of his infidelity spread like scandalous wildfire across the Internet.

But the polarizing husband of Wendy Williams now has something important to say.

Wendy Williams with a Tear

In the wake of the talk show host admitting this week that she's residing in a sober living facility in order to deal with her ongoing substance abuse issues, Hunter has opened up to Entertainment Tonight.

“Wendy is doing well. We’re doing well as a family. We are moving forward with working on her sobriety and doing the work to help others, not just ourselves," said Hunter.

Having been married to the star since 1997, Hunter added:

"It is a family process. Anybody that has to deal with this knows this a family process... and we are dealing with it and moving forward."

Williams has said in the past that she struggled with cocaine use.

Wendy Williams Bugs Out

However, there was no indication that she had relapsed or fallen off the wagon until she candidly addressed her viewers on Tuesday.

"For some time now, and even today and beyond, I have been living in a sober house," she says in the video below, explaining that no one outside of her husband knew about this situation until she made it public and adding:

“Nobody knew because I look so glamorous out here.

"After I finish my appointments, seeing my brothers and sisters, breaking bread, I am driven by my 24-hour sober coach back to the home that I live in here in the tri-state with a bunch of smelly boys who have become my family."

Earlier this month, Williams and Hunter started the 888-5HUNTER hotline.

It is meant to assist those affected by drug addiction and substance abuse.

"So, this is my autobiographical story, and I'm living it. I'm telling you this," Williams' said on air, fighting back tears.

The doors at Williams' sober living home are locked and the lights are turned out at 10 each night. 

"So I go to my room, and I stare at the ceiling and I fall asleep to wake up and come back here to see you. So that is my truth," she shared, to applause from the audience.

"I know, either you are calling me crazy or the bravest woman you know. I don't care."

Wendy Williams Bugs Out

Williams and Hunter, meanwhile, were recently in the news for another personal reason, unrelated to her addiction.

The latter has been accused of cheating big time on Williams; of having a long-time mistress and an entire second life outside of his marriage.

Williams has even discussed this rumor on her talk show, never exactly denying it, but saying she and Hunter aren't ending their relationship any time soon.

"You can believe what you want, but... I stand by my guy. We commuted this morning," she said in early January, adding:

"All is well in Hunterville. Don't believe the hype and if there was hype, believe me you - I would let you know."

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