Jessica Simpson Fans BEG Her Not to Give Baby This Stupid Name

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Last September, the world learned that Jessica Simpson is pregnant with baby #3.

The actress and singer is dropping major hints about her baby's name.

And her fans are pleading with her in comments to give her child almost any other name.

Jessica Simpson in Birdie's Nest

First of all, we want to clear the air: Jessica is not naming her child either Chicken or Tuna.

(We've all said stupid things in our lives, but her infamous question about the chicken of the sea will never not be funny)

Jessica has not officially announced her baby's name, but her hints are not subtle.

As you can see in these photos, she has decorated the nursery with a sign that reads "Birdie's Nest."

In case that was too indirect, she has also been writing that as a caption on her posts.

Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson in Birdie's Nest

"Please don’t name the girl Birdie," one fan begs Jessica in the comments.

Another, in denial, writes: "Please tell me that poor baby is not going to be named Birdie."

"if you're naming your next child Birdie," a comment reads. "Then be ready to have that child be bullied and picked on."

That same fan continues: "Really that is a stupid name sorry"

"Birdie is f--king ridiculous," asserts another commenter. "Poor kid."

With Eric Johnson

Another of Jessica's followers writes their concern that the name could have "a negative effect on a kid long-term."

Others noted that Jessica is not the first to select this name for her actual human baby.

In fact, a fan accused her of "copying" WWE wrestler Brie Bella.

Brie gave birth to Birdie Joe in May 2017.

Busy Philipps, who notably clicked "like" on Jessica's nursery photo, also burdened her child with the name Birdie.

Jessica Simpson Baby Bump #3

Some of Jessica's more diehard fans rode to her defense.

"What possible difference could it make to anyone but her?" asks one fan.

The comment continues: "She could name her baby Massengill Happenstance if she wanted to and I can guarantee it wouldn't change one thing in your life."

"There are waaaaaay worse names than Birdie," points out another follower. "Deal."

That's true, but we suspect that Jessica had no plans to name her baby Gregg.

"Name your child whatever you want!" insists another. "I think it is very cute! No ones business to tell you otherwise."

Right, it's not like children are people! They're just extensions of a parent's hopes and dreams with zero feelings of their own.

Jessica Simpson with Husband

"I can’t believe how rude people are being,” yet another fan writes. “Choosing a name for a child must be difficult enough without insensitive people slating it."

"‘Bird’ is a term of endearment where I’m from,” another chimes in. “I’m always calling my little girl ‘Birdie.’"

"If people can’t say anything kind," that same comment continues. "Then they shouldn’t say anything at all."

Not all pieces of helpful advice sound especially kind.

"If it’s not your child why do you care what someone else names THEIR child?!" another fan demands to know.

I'm unsure of how to explain to a person that they should care about other people, even children.

Jessica Simpson Schoolgirl Photo

One can point out that Lady Bird Johnson -- who happens to share the family's last name -- is a First Lady's name.

But, to be clear, her birth name was Claudia.

Still, this is not Jessica's first child, and not the first name that has raised people's eyebrows.

Some were concerned that naming her daughter Maxwell Drew was too "masculine."

Others were concerned when she named her son Ace Knute, because that name is objectively funny.

At the end of the day, though, Jessica's kids will all grow up and they'll be free to get their names changed if they want to.

It costs money, but they'll have plenty of it.

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