Javi Marroquin: We're Gonna Have Another Baby!

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As previously reported, Javi Marroquin is done being a douche.

And he's now ready to be a father!


Javi Marroquin, Linc and Lauren

The former Teen Mom 2 cast member is already a dad to five-year old Lincoln, who he shares with ex-wife Kailyn Lowry.

He also welcomed a precious son named Eli back in November with very serious girlfriend Lauren Comeau.

And even though that was mere months ago, and even though raising these two young kids at the same time must present quite the challenge... Javi says he's up for more.

Challenges? Sure. But challenges in the form of more children we mean!

"I'm ready when she's ready," Javi told OK! Magazine this week about expanding his immediate family, prior to adding of Lauren: "But she's not ready."

Well, no. She only just squeezed a human being out of her body this past November! Give her a little bit of time, dude!

Javi Marroquin and His Fam

Why the desire for another child?

Marroquin, for all the issues he may have had a a romantic partner for Lowry, has already seemed like a great and dedicated father.

Just check out his Instagram page. It is overflowing with cute pictures of him and Lincoln; and, more recently, of him and Eli.

But Javi also says here that there's another reason he hopes Comeau's egg gets fertilized by his sperm in the semi-near future.

"We are still trying for that girl! We want that girl," he admitted.

Home with Eli

Just a couple years ago, we would have shuddered at the thought of Marroquin procreating once again.

He and Kailyn were constantly fighting and drama followed the MTV personality around everywhere he went.

However, Briana DeJesus - who briefly dated Javi before he got together with Comeau about a year ago - actually revealed an interesting and almost flattering truth when she recently said no one cares about Marroquin anymore.

That's sort of true...

... but it's because he really does seem to have cleaned up his act and has stayed away from the spotlight of late.

He truly seems content to just spend time with Comeau and his sons and to focus on the crossfit facility he recently opened up in Delaware.

How boring, right? And admirable.

Javi and Sons

Do Marroquin and Comeau have a time table for trying to get pregnant again?

When might they make major news once more?

"Eli is a handful for now, we will take our time. I think we said next year, we'll try next year," Javi says in this interview.

Prior to this blessed event taking place, though, it sounds like we'll see Comeau on Teen Mom 2, which ought to be interesting for viewers.

Comeau and Marroquin

Javi and Lauren met at a wedding in July of 2017 and then broke up in September of that year.

Javi made many headlines in the subsequent months for sleeping with both Briana and Kailyn, only to find himself back in the arms of Comeau in March of 2018.

"Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together," she wrote on Instagram shortly afterward.

Pretty sweet, right?

We wish these two the very best with their future baby plans -- and their current baby raising.

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