Kailyn Lowry: Pissed That Lauren Comeau Is Joining Teen Mom 2?

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Clearly, Teen Mom 2 producers don't subscribe to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" theory.

Despite the fact that the show remains wildly successful, they're forever tinkering with the cast in an effort to boost ratings.

The latest change is one that was likely made out of necessity, but might serve to outrage one of their most popular stars.

Lauren Comeau will be joining the cast for the show's upcoming season, and Kailyn Lowry might be less than thrilled with being forced to share screen time with her ex-husband's fiancee.

Take a look:

1. Lauren and Javi

Lauren and Javi
Lauren just welcomed her first child, and she and Javi are engaged to be married.

2. Taking Over

Taking Over
Needless to say, Lauren is a big part of Javi's life these days.

3. A Lot on Her Plate

A Lot on Her Plate
Despite all of that, throughout Lauren's pregnancy, she was reportedly not planning to appear on camera on the upcoming season of TM2.

4. A Matter of Logistics

A Matter of Logistics
So it would have been tough for Javi to film without having Lauren on camera.

5. Flimsy Pretext

Flimsy Pretext
Or at least that's the reason Javi and Lauren have given for her sudden decision to join the cast.

6. Solid Justification

Solid Justification
“It was pretty much impossible for [Javi] to do any filming without me saying yes,” Lauren told Radar Online.

7. Soccer Drama

Soccer Drama
“We were filming at Lincoln’s games and Lauren was there,” Javi told the site.

8. A Tale of Two Baby Mamas

A Tale of Two Baby Mamas
“Kailyn is there ... Lauren is there," Javi added, indicating that it would have been impossible to film without including Lauren.

9. Sideline Show

Sideline Show
Apparently, a lot of drama went down at Lincoln's games, and the spats comprise a major part of Kailyn's storyline this season.

10. We'll See About That

We'll See About That
Again, this is according to Javi, so take it all with a grain of salt.

11. Javi's Take

Javi's Take
"That was a lot of it," Marroquin said. "That's what this season is based around."

12. The Kail Conundrum

The Kail Conundrum
Of course, the big question on the minds of many fans is, how does Kailyn Lowry feel about this?

13. The Silent Treatment

The Silent Treatment
Thus far, Kail hasn't said anything about the situation, and many believe this is a case in which her silence speaks volumes.

14. A Fair Assumption

A Fair Assumption
Most fans have jumped to the conclusion that she is NOT happy about the fact that Javi's new baby mama will be cashing MTV checks.

15. She Made Him

She Made Him
After all, Javi wouldn't even have a role on the show were it not for his brief marriage to Kail.

16. Coattail Rider

Coattail Rider
Now, Lauren will be getting rich off her distant connection to Kail, as well.

17. Low on the Totem Pole

Low on the Totem Pole
Of course, Lauren won't be making anywhere near as much money as Kailyn.

18. Part-Time Mom

Part-Time Mom
Lauren will be a "part-time" cast member, and thus, will earn a small fraction of the six-figure salary that the network pays Kail and company.

19. Kail Cash

Kail Cash
Still, Kail can't be too thrilled with the fact that her ex's new flame will be making money through her association to Javi, who in turn, has gotten rich off his association to Kail.

20. Briana Drama

Briana Drama
Kail seems to be the one most affected by the addition of new cast members. The last new hire was Briana DeJesus.

21. Javiana

Briana, of course, went on to date Javi, seemingly as part of an effort to exact revenge on her rival Kail.

22. Take Two?

Take Two?
Currently, fans are bracing themselves for another rivalry, this one between Kail and Lauren.

23. Different Circumstances

Different Circumstances
Obviously, this time Kail doesn't have to worry about her foe going after her ex, as Lauren and Javi are already engaged.

24. Drama King

Drama King
But once again, there's a tense situation. And once again, Javi is at the center of it.

25. Sticking Around

Sticking Around
To his credit, Javi has managed to hold on to his role on the show. But we're guessing Kail and quite a few viewers wish he would step aside and make more screen time for the Moms.

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