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We probably don’t need to tell you that Farrah Abraham has had no trouble keeping busy in the year since she was fired from Teen Mom OG.

Just the lawsuits and criminal trials alone have been enough to help Farrah remain in the tabloid headlines.

Farrah Abraham Exit Interview
Photo via MTV

But if you thought (allegedly) assaulting a hotel employee and being sued for backing out of a celebrity boxing match are the only things Ms. Abraham’s got on her plate these days, then you don’t know Farrah.

Say what you will about the woman, Farrah is a born hustler.

Sure, several of her business ventures have failed in recent months.

Farrah Abraham on Ex on the Beach
Photo via MTV

In fact, Farrah closed two clothing stores in the same week earlier this year.

And unfortunately, this happened right around the time that Farrah’s stint on MTV’s Ex on the Beach came to a close.

The confluence of events left Abraham without a whole lot to promote, but it hasn’t stopped her from drawing attention to her very favorite projects:

Farrah Abraham: Naked on the 'Gram
Photo via Instagram

We’re talking of course, about Farrah herself and her constant thirst for attention.

Farrah stopped by the offices of clothing brand Pretty Little Thing in Los Angeles this week for a risque photoshoot.

Obviously, she’s reached some sort of partnership with the company, but when it came to write a caption for the promotional pic, Farrah only had one thing on her mind — Farrah.

Farrah Abraham: Possibly Headed to JAIL Over Latest Hooligan Antics!!
Photo via MTV

"ENDANGERED SPECIE @prettylittlething When you can’t create, replace or duplicate the one the only F A R R A H A B R A H A M shine bright as you are," she wrote on Instagram.

We’re pretty sure typing your name out with a space between each letter like that is the social media equivalent of constantly referring to yourself in the third person.

The good news is, at least Farrah mentioned the brand she’s being paid to promote.

Farrah Abraham Body-Shamed for Being Too Thin: Is She OK?!
Photo via CBS

The bad news is that she spent most of the caption talking about herself and she thinks "SPECIE" is a word.

But hey, at least she’s found a way to continue paying the bills post-Teen Mom.

Those legal bills aren’t gonna pay themselves — and something tells us Farrah is gonna continue racking them up for many years to come.

At least she hasn’t reached the point of making an inarticulate plea on GoFundMe … yet.