Farrah Abraham Poses Nude, Gets Ripped Apart for Photoshop Fail!

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Farrah Abraham is completely comfortable being naked.

We know this because she's naked a lot, and she enjoys showing off her body.

That's fine and dandy -- good for her, right?

The issue usually comes in in some different way, and we all know that when it comes to this girl, there's always an issue.

This time, the problem lies in her really, sincerely terrible Photoshopping.

1. Our Girl Farrah

Our Girl Farrah
So Farrah tries, all right? She tries hard.

2. Yay?

What exactly is she trying to do?

3. Um

It's hard to say.

4. It's the Truth

It's the Truth
But whether you love her or hate her, there's no denying that she hustles.

5. Well ...

Well ...
And sure, a lot of times it doesn't turn out great for her.

6. The Bright Side

The Bright Side
But she's doing her best with what she's got, and that's ... well, that's something.

7. Get It

Get It
Farrah is a big fan of getting attention at any cost, probably because her star is fading a little bit since she left Teen Mom OG in 2017.

8. So Dumb

So Dumb
She got herself arrested last year for assaulting a hotel employee, and she dragged the whole thing out as long as possible, making sure to give statements about her innocence every chance she got.

9. Poor, Poor Sophia

Poor, Poor Sophia
Poor Sophia has been pushed even further into the limelight as Farrah tries to make her into a child star.

10. Just ... Why?

Just ... Why?
Earlier this month, she even shared this photo which sparked a whole bunch of bestiality talk, because any attention is good attention, right?

11. Not So Much

Not So Much
Wrong. So, so wrong.

12. However ...

However ...
But one of the things that makes Farrah Farrah is that she has no sense. Another thing is that she absolutely refuses to listen to anyone who does have any sense.

13. And Here We Are

And Here We Are
That's how she gets herself into situations like the one we're about to talk about today.

14. Just a Nude

Just a Nude
So here's her latest photo. She's naked in a bathroom, sitting on a sink and holding a laptop and a cupcake, like you do.

15. Classic Farrah

Classic Farrah
She captioned the photo with "LEGEND. GODDESS. GENIUS Monday’s mean multitask I can never finish getting ready & im woken up by calls & meetings never end .... so just do it #AMBITIONINTOREALITY #MASTERCLASS #COMMONGENIUS"

16. Love It

Love It
First of all, how amazing is it that she classified herself as a "LEGEND," a "GODDESS," and a "GENIUS"? Don't you just love that?

17. But Then ...

But Then ...
Second of all, do you see the Photoshop here?

18. Let's Go

Let's Go
Because a whole, whole bunch of her followers noticed it.

19. The Big Question

The Big Question
"Where is your belly button?" one person asked. "Fire your editor ASAP."

20. Yikes

"They totally blurred out your whole stomach and you look like you have no belly button," another person wrote.

21. Also This

Also This
Another comment read "Who needs toes or a belly button when you’re a genius?", because not only is her belly button nearly invisible in her new photo, but her toes look super weird, too.

22. More Questions

More Questions
Someone asked "My question is..... what’s on the wall that was edited out? You can see it’s all blurry by the electrical outlet," and that's a really good point.

23. There It Is

There It Is
The thing that makes this Photoshop fail so weird is that we've seen her belly button many, many times.

24. And Again

And Again
We know she has one, we know what it looks like ... so what's the point?

25. Oh Hey, Kourtney!

Oh Hey, Kourtney!
Another thing that Farrah's follower had a problem with was that her photo looks awfully similar to this one that Kourtney Kardashian shared a couple of weeks ago.

26. One More Time

One More Time
Here's Farrah's again -- she didn't even try to disguise the rip-off, huh?

27. Way Harsh

Way Harsh
"You are not a Kardashian," someone told her. "Accept that. Please."

28. Ouch

One person called this "the Walmart version" of Kourtney Kardashian, and several pointed out that Kourtney did it better.

29. Sophia the Photographer

Sophia the Photographer
On top of all of that, there was the crowd that asked or just assumed that Sophia took this photo. Lots of people think that Sophia takes all of these kinds of photos because Sophia really seems to be the only person Farrah hangs out with.

30. Seriously, Why?

Seriously, Why?
There's just lots of issues with this, OK? Where did her belly button go? Why does the wall look like that? Why would she so blatantly copy Kourtney, did she think no one would notice? Why can't she just chill out for one minute?!

31. Oh, Farrah ...

Oh, Farrah ...
But this is Farrah Abraham we're talking about here. Nothing makes sense, it's all awful, and that's just the way it is.

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