Cassie Randolph Lashes Out Against Trolls, Details "Unique Adventure" on The Bachelor

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Cassie Randolph is finally ready to talk.

Or write, at the very least.

Especially now that she has something to say about her apparent soulmate, Colton Underwood.

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Together

On Tuesday night's emotional Bachelor finale, Cassie listened closely to Colton's pleas for another shot.

She explained to him that she didn't like how he was dating so many other women during their televised courtship and outlined the pressure she felt to make a decision about marriage at this point in their relationship.

So the pair decided to scale it all back.

There was no proposal on the finale.

There was simply a decision to commit to a legitimate relationship and to see what sort of feelings would develop from there.

And what was the answer? Very strong feelings!

On the live after-show that aired following the actual finale, Cassie said she and Colton were "super" in love. How sweet, right?!?

We Are in Love!

There's no ring on Cassie's finger just yet, just to be clear, but Randolph jumped on Instagram several hours ago to open up in great detail about the "unique adventure" of appearing on The Bachelor.

"Sometimes it can be hard for me to find my words (as you all have seen haha)," she said to open this lengthy post, continuing as follows:

"it’s so easy for me to over-analyze and get in my own head, especially when my feelings are overwhelming or when big things are happening so quickly. So, here goes my attempt to put the past 6 months into words..."

From there, Cassie delved into nearly every aspect of her time as a contestant.

And she included with her message the photo below of her and Colton swapping spit.

Stepping out of the limo on night one, I had no idea what was in store for me. The saying “God always has bigger plans in mind” has never felt more real to me than it does now.

I’m honestly holding back tears as I write this, trying not to get too sentimental as all the memories and emotions flood over me while I reflect on this whole experience.

A Kiss for Colton

As easy as it is to mock The Bachelor and the idea of falling in love in front of complete strangers and many cameras, Cassie and Colton actually approached the experience in a similar, candid manner.

It's clearly ridiculous to get engaged after a stint on this show.

Both sides instead agreed to just date for awhile and to see where things go from there.

Now, back to Cassie's heartlfelt message:

I am unbelievably grateful for every single relationship that was formed with 29 amazing women, Colton and all the crew involved. It was a truly unique adventure that I got the extraordinary opportunity to experience.

Everyone who has been beside me throughout these past 6 months (during filming and post), has helped me grow in ways that I couldn’t ever have imagined.

Cassie, of course, feuded with fellow beauty pageant contestant Caelynn on more than one occasion this season.

But she only had positive things to say in this post.

Colton and Cassie in Bed!

I’ve learned things about myself, relationships, and life in general, that I would never have known otherwise.

Thinking back to before I was cast on The Bachelor S23, I get chills realizing just how crazy it is that ONE THING has the potential to change life SO MUCH.

Randolph did go on to say she needed to take a social media hiatus, however, during which some viewers out there hurt her feelings with what they said about her online.

This past week, I took a much-needed break from my social media. I was allowing the opinions of others, and their sometimes cruel speculations, really get to me.

That brings me to perhaps the truest, most impactful thing that this experience has taught me: to stay true to myself. Being real is something we ALL owe to ourselves.

Cassie Randolph on ABC

She concluded by hinting that marriage may, indeed, be in the cards.

Regardless of the outcome, that is the one thing we can do to guarantee no regrets… to make the best decision we can in the moment.

So cheers, my friends (and trolls) to The Bachelor S23 finale… may we all live and learn, be humble, and most of all, forever remain open to learning.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you all a glimpse into some of the most pivotal moments of my life. So far :)

As for the two other questions Bachelor fans had heading into the finale:

1. Yes, Cassie and Colton almost definitely had sex, although neither would confirm.

2. As you can learn more about below, Hannah Brown was named the next Bachelorette.

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