The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Teddi Mellencamp (Finally!) Confesses Involvement in PuppyGate

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On Tuesday's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the PuppyGate drama intensified, and it made one housewife look super sketchy. 

Teddi Mellencamp Tears Up

The explosive installment picked up with Teddi Mellencamp making her way over to Erika Girardi's house to unveil her involvement in the storyline that is ruling the current season of the show. 

Teddi confirmed that she was not in good standing with Dorit and that Lisa Vanderpump used that to her advantage. 

"Lisa knew there was tension between Dorit and I," Teddi dished, adding:

"So I get the call from Vanderpump Dogs. They said, 'This thing happened with Dorit and the dog. Can you believe it? It's crazy. Lisa wanted you to know.' And I had a very dramatic response."

"I was kind of in it, texting with them, being catty back. Like, 'Alright, gimme more deets. Show me the tea!' Not being the most above-board human being."

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave for Season 9

"She fed me information, and I bit," Teddi continued.

"Then Kyle and I get invited by Lisa Vanderpump to go to Vanderpump Dogs."

"They wanted me to say it. I already know this going into Vanderpump Dogs, and I couldn't go through with it."

Erika wanted to know what Teddi was urged to say. 

"Telling everybody what Dorit did," she confirmed. 

"Lisa is now in a full tizzy, 'Don't say anything! Don't say anything!'" Teddi said about the whole mess, going on to say about LVP's reaction to the whole mess being shot on camera.

Teddi Jo Mellencamp, Looking Pensive

"That is when I realized, 'I am set up. Something's going on, and I don't feel good about it anymore.' If I wanted to lie, I wouldn't have said I was petty at the beginning and I was involved."

"I have the proof, but somehow, she's gonna try to flip it. I know it. In my heart of hearts, I think that's what she's doing right now."

Meanwhile, Dorit wondered whether she could find a way to trust Lisa again, and turned to her husband, PK. 

"I love her, but LVP is a genius at manipulation and control," he told his wife. "She's the best in the world at it, and I respect her for it, but it gets a bit different and a bit difficult for me when it's my wife."

Dorit wanted Lisa to be honest with her. She was convinced Lisa orchestrated the whole thing and wanted an apology. 

Dorit Kemsley for Season 9

As for Lisa, she was still trying to find a way to prove her innocence. John Blizzard, whose name keeps popping up in this whole mess, stopped by and Lisa asked for the truth. 

"I know I don't know you very well," Lisa said to Blizzard.

"I mean, I don't. I know you've worked at the center. And really, before we even start anything, I really appreciate everything."

"However, you have kind of complicated my life. Our relationship is not that close, but clearly, you seem to be a lot closer to Teddi."

"Yeah, I am," confirmed John.

"Somehow, things got misconstrued," LVP continued, adding that Blizzard is mistaken. 

Lisa Vanderpump for Season 9

"Okay, so you told her. But then you implicate me," said a stunned Lisa who felt like she had been implicated in something she had no part of. 

"I put words in your mouth that were not true," he replied. "And I will own that, and I'm sorry for that ... and that's what everyone at the center is so frustrated about is how this is all being flipped onto you."

"She's not gonna be happy that you showed me the texts," Lisa said.

"Yeah, but at the same time, she shouldn't have brought up my texts," John replied.

Lisa wasted no time in inviting Dorit and Kyle over to her house to show them the proof, and Kyle was not impressed.

"I can see what you're saying," she said, adding:

"There's no doubt that [Teddi's] hands aren't clean in this, but I think that it's not fair to put that on her when she wasn't alone in the situation." 

Lisa Vanderpump Is Everything

Lisa was not about to let her vindication be marred by such drama. Lisa said she had "never spoken to John Blizzard."

Kyle took aim at Lisa, wondering how she knew that Teddi knew about the dog. 

Lisa said that she texted Dorit saying, "You need to get in front of this. You need to clear this up."

Lisa ten provided what she said to Teddi about the matter:

"Well, I just knew that if Teddi knows, or I know, you know, we all know, we start talking about it, so I said, 'You should go and talk to John.'"

Kyle Richards for Season 9

Dorit was blindsided by the texts, but Kyle was not sure Lisa was telling the truth. 

"Lisa's saying she never spoke with John Blizzard, but someone told her something because she quickly let Dorit know," Kyle said to the cameras.

"So who told you? Where'd you get the information? Obviously, Lisa and John Blizzard had a whole conversation going on about that."

Yeah, PuppyGate is here to stay!

RHOBH continues Tuesdays on Bravo. 

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