Miranda Lambert Beefs at Steakhouse, Tosses Salad at Customer

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When Miranda Lambert was married to Blake Shelton, she happily assumed the role of the straight (wo)man in the country music world's favorite comedy duo. 

Blake was the boozer, the smartass, and the lovable miscreant, while Miranda was the long-suffering June Cash-type, quick with a roll of the eyes and a witty rejoinder.

Miranda Lambert Wins an Award!

Now, however, the script has officially been flipped.

Shelton has settled down with Gwen Stefani and seems content with his life of smoothie-sipping SoCal domesticity.

Lambert, on the other hand, has transformed into that other kind of country star -- the type that chases her Jim Beam with Jack and keeps a loaded .45 next to the TV remote in case she stumbles onto a promo for The Voice while channel surfing.

Miranda Lambert at the Mic

For the first time since her divorce, Lambert became a tabloid staple last year thanks to her relationship with Evan Felker, a fellow country singer who just happened to be married.

There were reports of Lambert harassing Felker's wife and generally going full-trainwreck in response to her messy love triangle.

While it was all very entertaining, there were times when we worried about Lambert -- and the latest report on her erratic behavior isn't doing much to quell those fears.

Miranda Lambert on Guitar

According to TMZ, Lambert got into an altercation while dining at a Nashville steakhouse Tuesday night.

Witnesses say Lambert and her companion were confronted by an older couple and the confrontation quickly turned physical.

Details of the fight are scarce, but onlookers confirm that Miranda dumped a salad on her female companion's head.

Miranda Lambert at the CMTs

By the time police arrived on the scene, Miranda and her party had fled.

The balsamic-drenched victim reportedly decided not to press charges.

[Switches to Waylon Jennings Dukes of Hazzard voiceover voice]:

Miranda Lambert With CMA Awards

So it looks like ol' Miranda escaped from this scrape without being hauled in by John Law.

But you can bet the next time she starts flingin' romaine in a fancy establishment, she'll be tossing salads in the big house before you can say "General Lee."

Ms. Lambert hasn't responded to any requests for comment, but sooner or later, this situation's gonna need addressing.

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