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Several weeks ago, Selena Gomez finally returned to Instagram after a worrisome absence.

Now, she’s using the photo-sharing platform to share beautiful snaps of herself in a white bikini on a rocky beach.

And she’s not alone — she’s celebrating a loved one’s impending marriage. Take a look:

Selena Gomez and Courtney Barry
Photo via Instagram

Selena Gomez is making up for lost time by posting gorgeous photos of herself in a stunning white bikini.

She is not the center of attention in these pictures, snapped in Cabo San Lucas.

"My best friend is getting married," Selena Gomez writes in the caption.

"So," she continues. "We celebrated her!"

Selena praises her bestie as the "Future Mrs. Lopez."

It looks like one beautiful bachelorette party.

Selena Gomez Celebrates Courtney Barry
Photo via Instagram

Not tagging people in photos is usually something you see from older celebrities on Instagram, but Selena left her photos blank.

But you can still see her alongside her friend and bride-to-be, Courtney Barry, in photo after photo.

Also pictured are close pals Ashley Cook and Raquelle Stevens.

Some may be scratching their heads, having heard Selena refer to other women as her "best friend" in the past.

We should note that Selena appears to be one of those women who uses "best friend" to refer to a tier, not a single position.

(That’s anathema to a lot of us, but it probably helps Selena avoid playing favorites with her close-knit group of friends)

Selena Gomez with Courtney Barry
Photo via Instagram

Just last month, Selena returned to Instagram after a lengthy hiatus.

"It’s been awhile since you have heard from me," she acknowledged to her fans and followers upon her return.

"But I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year," Selena wrote.

"And," she continued. "To thank you for your love and support."

"Last year was definitely a year of self-reflection, challenges, and growth," Selena remarked.

Absolutely — though, unfortunately, Selena has endured multiple years like that recently.

Selena Gomez Lounges in Cabo San Lucas
Photo via Instagram

"It’s always those challenges which show you who you are and what you are capable of overcoming," Selena affirmed.

Sometimes, you don’t really know how strong you are until you prove your resilience.

"Trust me, it’s not easy," she assured her fans and followes.

"But," Selena wrote. "I am proud of the person I am becoming."

"And," she concluded. "Look forward to the year ahead. Love you all."

Selena Gomez Celebrates in Cabo San Lucas
Photo via Instagram

Back in October, Selena Gomez was undergoing yet another treatment in her ongoing battle with lupus.

The autoimmune disorder has ravaged her body, resulting in an urgent kidney transplant in the summer of 2017.

In late 2018, reports say that Selena became overwhelmed with anxiety and panic after enduring yet another procedure.

She then reported to rehab to promote her mental wellness.

It is very difficult to fight a physical ailment if your mental well-being is hurting in the process.

By December, however, she was spending quality time with her loved ones, including bestie Taylor Swift.

Selena has reportedly also thrown herself back into her work, which is often a very healthy sign of recovery.

We wish her the best, and we of course extend our congratulations to Courtney Barry — soon-to-be Courtney Lopez!