Mackenzie Edwards Wishes Imprisoned Husband a Happy Valentine's Day

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Mackenzie Edwards is really trying, you guys.

She's trying to act all happy and normal and content with her life, even though one rather important person being missing from it.

We speak, of course, about husband Ryan Edwards. Who is in prison.

Ryan Edwards with Family

The former Teen Mom star has been behind bars for several weeks now, ever since his latest arrest for drug possession.

He'll be stuck behind bars until at least April, but all indications point to Mackenzie remaining by Ryan's side despite his numerous run-ins with the law.

Various insiders have said she won't file for divorce or leave him -- and now Mackenzie herself has basically confirmed this chatter.

In honor of the holiday that falls on February 14 each year, the abandoned new mother shared the following photo on her Instagram story yesterday:

happy vday

"Happy Valentine's Day," Mackenzie wrote as a caption to the image, which features a bouquet of flowers, along with a photo of her and Ryan and Ryan and his son, Bentley, alongside the pink roses.

It's actually a really sad image.

Poor Mackenzie was all alone on Valentine's Day because her husband has a major drug problem.

That's pretty depressing.

Edwards spent 90 days in rehab after he got arrested in the summer of 2018.

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot, Take 3

He missed the birth of his son with Mackenzie as a result, but returned home around Thanksgiving, presumably a new and improved man.

The photo shared at the top of this article was snapped in December, prior to Ryan's latest arrest, when it seemed as if he'd be a dedicated husband to Mackenzie and father to his two kids.

Alas, it didn't take long for multiple rumors to make their way around the Internet.

He allegedly signed up for Tinder within weeks of geting out of rehab, and allegedly asked a woman he met on that dating service for cocaine.

Then, in January, Edwards was arrested for heroin possession and for theft after he left a restaurant without paying his tab.

By our estimation, this marked the third time Edwards was arrested on a drug-related charge.

You can learn the details of what transpired here:

Edwards appeared in court on Monday, January 28 for these, with a law clerk telling Radar Online:

"The case has been continued to April 15, 2019. He’s going to serve time in county jail until then."

Mackenzie, however, isn't prepared to ditch her law-breaking, drug-addicted husband.

“This is devastating for Mackenzie, to have Ryan locked up again and away form her and the kids is almost too much to handle,” a source previously told Hollywood Life, expounding:

“You have to understand how hard this all is on her though. Believe me, a part of her wants to just lay down in bed and stay there.”

Ry and Mack

But she did partially know what she was signing up for when she started to date Ryan and she does have children to worry about and, look, the heart wants what the heart wants.

"She has no plans to leave Ryan," this same insider insists.

"She is standing by him and believes that they will overcome this together" because “she has young children to remain strong for and that is what is keeping her going."

Fair enough. Maybe even admirable.

For all the mockery Ryan often receives online, the guy is a father of two and clearly has a significant problem.

We really do hope he gets help.

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