Derick Dillard: Was He Actually Nice to Jill Duggar for Valentine's Day?!

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Look, nobody likes Derick Dillard, right?

Well, like we're sure Jill thinks he's OK, and he has family and friends and all that.

Jill and Derick Posing

And then there are the people who are obsessed with the Duggars, who think they are a beautiful, wholesome family and all that stuff with Josh was no big deal because hey, everybody makes mistakes.

But when it comes to the casual observers of this family, the people who are familiar with them and actually have some common sense?

Yeah, Derick is the worst.

And this is for many reasons.

Derick Dillard on Insta

Of course Derick holds the same conservative beliefs as the rest of the Duggars, that's no surprise.

The difference is that Derick is just super, super outspoken about it.

You probably know where this is going -- remember when he thought it was a good idea to go after Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenager who also has a show on TLC?

He's done this several times, actually, but it's always the same.

Jill and Derick Selfie

He misgenders her on purpose, referring to her as "him" and "he" when Jazz has made it abundantly clear that she's a "she," and he believes that that her parents are abusing her by allowing her to transition.

These kinds of comments got him, along with Jill, fired from Counting On.

On top of that, there's all the begging for money.

Derick has asked fans for donations many, many times for their missionary trips, even though they were reality stars for most of that.

Jill Loves Derick

Jill's dad owns several private jets, you'd think they could afford to go to Central America, you know?

Lots of people thought Derick was taking advantage of his wife's fame to get money and to avoid getting a real job, and that's because he was.

These days, Derick is going to law school, which is cool, but he's still not working.

And that leads us (kind of) into the next thing ...

Derick Dillard with Jill Duggar Pic

Which is that Derick really just seems to be a not-so-great husband.

He's taken Jill with him to class or to the library several times and called it "date night," which is just sad.

Obviously he's busy with school, but lots of Duggar fans seem to think that he's putting in minimal effort in his marriage.

They also think he's not putting in effort for their two sons, either.

Jill and Derick Dillard with Family

Last month, he called them a "curse" in a tweet, so that should show you how he feels about that.

Derick just has lots of bad qualities, and there's no way around that.

But was he characteristically awful for Valentine's Day, too?

He actually wasn't!

As Jill explained on Instagram, "He ordered flowers last week to be sent to our house today with a note that told me to look in the trumpet on the piano."

Jill's Roses

"It had a handwritten note rolled up and placed in the end of it that he had placed there this morning!"

"So very thoughtful!" she gushed. "Love my hubby!"

"Ok, so funny story though," she continued. "He hoped they would be delivered while he was at school ... but when he got home this evening, the UPS truck was just pulling away and some of our neighbor's packages were on our doorstop."

She said that their packages and their neighbor's packages are "continually getting mixed up," but that "when he took them over to her place, my flowers with my name were on her doorstep!"

Jill's Note

"I was distracted giving the boys baths when Derick came in," she wrote, "so in the end it still worked out great."

"He got the flowers all fixed up and then called me in ... I just love that he put so much thought into it all ... so great!"

She finished up her story with a sweet "Love you babe!"

It's hard to make out the note Derick wrote for her, but it begins with "When I think of all the ways the lord has blessed me, you're at the top of my list."

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Kiss Photo

Honestly, this really was sweet of Derick, right?

Flowers, a handwritten note expressing love and appreciation for your spouse -- it's basically what Valentine's Day is all about.

Here's hoping that he can keep up this same energy for a while instead of going back to the same old terrible Derick.

It would be neat if he had a redeeming quality, wouldn't it?

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