Ryan Edwards to Remain Behind Bars Until AT LEAST April!

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More bad news for Ryan Edwards, as the Teen Mom OG star continues to experience major fallout from his latest brush with the law.

Last week, Edwards was arrested after skipping out on a $36 tab at a bar near his hometown in Tennessee.

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot, Take 3

Because of an outstanding bench warrant and the fact that Edwards was on probation at the time of his arrest, his relatively minor theft of services charge could carry some major legal consequences.

Ryan has been denied bail, and will therefore remain in police custody for the foreseeable future.

“The case has been continued to April 15, 2019,” a judicial clerk for the town of Red Bank, Tennessee tells Radar. 

Ryan Edwards, Jagger

“He’s going to serve time in county jail until then.”

Yes, that means Ryan will be spending at least the next six weeks behind bars.

After that, a judge will decide his fate -- and considering the length of Ryan's rap sheet, the father of two is likely very concerned at the moment.

Ryan Edwards with Family

Edwards has been arrested four times in the past two years.

Most of the charges against him are tied to his ongoing substance abuse issues.

Back in November, Edwards left rehab after completing a 90-day course of treatment.

Ryan Edwards Teen Mom OG Picture

Those who know the troubled 30-year-old best say that he appeared to be fully committed to the hard work of sobriety.

Edwards missed the birth of his son Jagger in order to see his treatment through to its completion.

His young wife Mackenzie Standifer described Ryan's time in rehab as the longest 90 days of her life, but she remained persistent in her belief that it would all be worth if her husband were to finally get clean.


On his social media page, Edwards wrote that drugs had nearly ruined his life, and he cautioned fans against following the dangerous path that had led him to the brink of destruction.

Truly, it seemed as though Ryan has turned a corner.

Unfortunately, less than two months after his release, Edwards was once again behaving erratically and running afoul of the law. 

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Selfie

“Edwards had ordered six Jack Daniels Whiskey drinks, totaling $36, and left without paying for them," reads a police report from the day of his arrest.

Ryan has a court date for the theft of services charge in early February, but he will not be tried for the possession charge until April.

We'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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