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90 Day Fiance viewers haven’t seen that much from Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa since the Tell All special aired.

The two are lovingly raising their son, baby Oliver, and have another child on the way.

But when Kalani unveiled her baby bump to the world, she took the opportunity to roast her mom-shamers.

Kalani Faagata Smiles in White
Photo via Instagram

In the captions of the photo that you will see below, Kalani took a swipe at her most vocal critics.

"Yes, my son is always in pajamas or something comfortable," she acknowledges.

"And, no," Kalani writes. "I don’t need to explain why."

See, trolls have been hounding her — for unfathomable reasons — about baby Oliver, who is a baby, wearing onesies.

"There are lots of unsolved mysteries in this world," Kalani jokes.

"Like," she writes. "Why those of you who comment about my baby’s clothes look like you either bathe bi-weekly, share TV dinners with your cats, or special kiss your cousins."

Oh wow!!

Baby Oliver
Photo via Instagram

Kalani isn’t done with her insults.

This time, she cuts to the heart of the issue.

"While your internet projections may temporarily give you ‘self-esteem’ and distract you from dealing with yourself," Kalani begins.

She continues: "they won’t save you from dying alone in a convalescent home in PAJAMAS."

She just hit the nail on the head.

"That’s the s–t you should be worried about," Kalani strongly suggests.

She writes that they should be concerned with themselves, "not what type of clothing a well-loved baby is wearing."

Kalani and Asuelu Reveal Gender of Baby #2
Photo via Instagram

"In honor of people’s fragility to babies in pajamas," Kalani’s caption continues.

She invites her followers to "please enjoy my very first baby bump picture."

That is the photo that you are about to see.

But even in the picture, she’s trolling her haters very cleverly.

Her caption concludes: "I made sure we all dressed up extra snazzy!"

Kalani Faagata Debuts Second Baby Bump!
Photo via Instagram

First of all, that’s a great photo on its own.

Second of all, you have to love that she made sure that htey all were sporting onesies in solidarity with baby Oliver.

In real life, we know that children have particularly sensitive skin.

Some kids will, consciously or unconsciously, strip off all or most of their clothes because being naked is more comfortable.

A onesie is a great way to keep a child comfortable, warm, and clothed.

Kalani and Asuelu in Samoa

Kalani hurled a series of insults at her mom-shamers, but she really has a point.

Not about the special-kissing of cousins. That’s more ad hominem.

But people who bombard others, especially celebrities, with hateful insults or various types of "shaming" do so for a reason.

They just want to feel better about themselves.

it’s kind of like old people who get a sick thrill from ruining some poor retail employee’s day by fussing about them to the manager.

Many people are motivated by personal frustrations and self-doubts and they want to lash out at anyone whom they can hurt.

Kalani and Asuelu Tell All
Photo via TLC

Kalani is smart to not fall for that.

She might have gotten knocked up not once but twice because Asuelu thinks that condoms are for "slut people."

But she has a good head on her shoulders about most things.

She made some really good points about the huge logical inconsistencies that Eric and Leida had towards Eric’s daughter, Tasha.

90 Day Fiance Kalani Reacts To Eric

Sure, Kalani can wig out when it comes to the safety of her baby, but she’s not going to let mom-shamers ruin her day.

That’s very reassuring.

Also, can we just say that, as a family, they all look great in onesies?

Kalani’s new baby boy is going to be born into a wonderful family.