90 Day Fiance Recap: The Stars Tell All Part 2

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So much has happened since Part 1 of the 90 Day Fiance Tell All special, but Part 2 aired on Sunday night.

Notably, TLC's censors stopped bleeping out obscenities about halfway through the broadcast, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Our favorite part was probably Leida and Eric getting scolded by just about everyone.

Colt and Larissa on Instagram

Let's start with, dare we say it, Colt and Larissa.

We have had so, so much to say about Coltee and Larissa over this past week, in large part due to their bloody fight and divorce.

Though this Tell All was filmed last year, the couple manages to take center stage there, too.

Why? Because they are deeply controversial and not well-liked.

When everyone returns to stage, Steven and Jonathan discuss the idea of not even responding to Colt and Larissa.

Steven dismisses them as "trash," and you know that you've f--ked up when Steven has the moral high ground.

Larissa and a Police Car

Larissa speaks about her arrest -- at the time, she had only been arrested once, in June 2018.

Since then, she has been arrested two more times.

Colt expressed a fear that Larissa would be deported.

For the most part, they could not speak out about it for legal reasons. 

Every attorney's worst nightmare is for their client to go on television and say anything at all that could be used against them in court.

Larissa and Colt and Jay and Ashley

That's out of the way, and it's time to address Eric and Leida.

We've actually been chomping at the bit to talk about Eric and Leida, because Tasha was on the Tell All.

Tasha is Eric's 19-year-old daughter with whom he was roommates ... until, at Leida's insistence, he kicked her out of her own home.

Tasha's okay and living with friends, but things are extremely tense.

In fact, Tasha tells (the incredibly patient) Shaun Robinson that she "doesn't have" a relationship with her father anymore.

She says that he broke off all ties with her.

Eric counters: "That's not true. All I said is that I have nothing to say until I get an apology."

90 Day Fiance Tasha vs Leida

Shaun asks the very understandable question: for what does Eric demand that Tasha apologize?

Eric says that it's for "the mess." That's right, this is all about the apartment being slightly cluttered when Leida first arrived.

He also says that Tasha "lied" by saying that about half of the mess was her father's.

It sounds like Eric threw Tasha under the bus and is just doubling down on that story to appease Leida.

Tasha's response is to simply raise an eyebrow, while Kalani -- a parent herself -- turns to give Eric a look of wide-eyed judgment.

90 Day Fiance Kalani Reacts to Eric

Overall, Kalani really really has the best take on Eric's whole situation.

Eric seems to want his teenage daughter to both restructure her entire life for him -- which parents expect their minor children to do.

At the same time, he very clearly wants Tasha to be an adult when it's convenient for him -- paying bills and working.

"You guys are wanting her to be an adult," Kalani says. "And pay bills and do this."

But, as Kalani points out, if Tasha is an adult, she can have her room and, frankly, her home as messy as she damn well chooses.

Eric put Tasha in a no-win scenario and he seems stubbornly willing to lose his entire family over it.

But Eric dismisses Tasha (and Steven) and tries to fit as many anti-Millennial buzzwords as he can. Nice try, dude.

90 Day Fiance Eric Rosenbrook dog-whistles about Millennials

Okay, so then there's Kalani and Asuelu.

Asuelu, as Kalani has noted, has a sassy side to him.

He really does not like Colt and Larissa, and he is a generally friendly person.

Asuelu ended the Tell All with a Samoan dance, which is incredibly charming but made some people uncomfortable.

The line between "I am appreciating his culture" and "they made this man of color dance for their amusement" can be tricky.

Either way, best of luck to Kalani and Asuelu, who are fan favorites and who are expecting their second son -- another boy.

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores Dance

Jonathan and Fernanda seemed all good, aside from when Jonathan had to sort of stiff-arm Jay away.

Jay said some very flattering things about Fernanda as an example of class and beauty.

Like ... we're not saying that he's wrong, we're just saying that he is literally married to Ashley and needs to tone down his horniness by at least 20%.

Obviously, since this was filmed, Jon and Fernanda have split.

Jon recently revealed that he has not spoken to Fernanda since December 22.

She apparently said some things to him that he is not willing to forgive, and he considers their relationship over. That's ... sad.

(Also, just to address worries, Colt referred to Fernanda as a "16-year-old bride," but she was already 18 when she and Jonathan met)

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith, 90 Day Fiance Tell All Special

Ashley and Jay had a host of issues that were mostly dealt with in Part 1 of the Tell All.

Jay cheated on Ashley, signing up for Tinder right after their wedding. She caught him cheating on FaceTime three days later.

That's a nightmare, but Ashley was kidnapped at 19 and is also battling lupus. She has bigger fish to fry than her cheating husband.

She does sound unwilling to send Jay packing to Jamaica, which is very nice of her.

But she's also not willing to just stay married on paper for him to horndog around with other women.

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova and Baby

Steven and Olga weren't both on the show, because of Steven dragging his feet when applying for Olga's visa.

That is still weird and will always be weird, but it's not as bad as him getting jealous of his own baby over Olga's attention.

We will say that this part of the Tell All showed Steven's better side.

He made good points about Eric and Tasha (though anyone can look reasonable compared to Eric).

Most importantly, the dude apologized to Olga at the end, over Skype. That is important. That's growth.

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