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Now that Jon Gosselin has his kids, Collin and Hannah, family activities take on a whole new meaning.

Recently, Jon had a father-son outing with Collin, and Collin got to bond with Jon’s girlfriend at the same time.

And yes, there are photos. Collin looks great!

Jon Gosselin and Collin Gosselin, Philly Auto Show
Photo via Instagram

Jon Gosselin uploaded a slew of new photos over the weekend.

"Great weekend with Collin and Colleen," Jon captioned the series of pics.

He notes that he had a good time at "Philly Auto Show and The beach!!!!"

Most of us wouldn’t consider February the best time to visit the beach.

But judging from these photos, Jon, his girlfriend Colleen, and his son Collin had a great time!

Collin Gosselin at the Auto Show
Photo via Instagram

A lot of kids get dragged along to go to whatever events their parents want to do. It’s part of why childhood sucks.

But Collin had a smile on his face and appeared to enjoy the Philly Auto Show.

Apparently some people like cars, and Collin — who is just a few months shy of being 15 years old — might be one of those people.

More to the point, it must be so nice for him to be once again out in the world and experiencing life.

He’s no longer imprisoned at that "special facility" where Kate had kept him confined through birthdays and holidays.

Jon Gosselin brought Collin home for the holidays and it was a relief to longtime fans.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen in the Polar Vortex
Photo via Instagram

Jon has two of his kids, Collin and Hannah, but he’s not exactly a single parent.

He lives with his girlfriend, Colleen, whom he was sure to note was also with him and Collin on their outing.

Bundled up for the winter weather, Jon and Colleen spent some time outdoors.

They even visited the beach.

Is it a little counterintuitive to visit the beach in February? Yes.

But unless you’re planning on going for a swim, it might just be the best time of the year to do so.

No crowds!

Collin Gosselin and Colleen at the Beach, February 2019

Seeing Colleen and Collin stand side-by-side is so nice.

Kate alleged that Collin’s "special needs" prevented him from getting along with people and caused him behavioral problems.

The truth, Jon has explained, was that Collin does not have special needs.

Many fans have speculated that Kate’s issue was that Collin is just someone who thinks for himself.

To Kate, this was a "challenge" that made him too much trouble to have around the house.

Clearly, for Jon and for Colleen, they understand that Collin is just a person who is almost 15.

It’s such a relief to see Collin and Hannah in a loving household.

Jon Gosselin, Collin and Colleen
Photo via Instagram

Jon was awarded physical custody of Collin after Kate failed to even show up to court.

Pro tip: if you want to win your custody fight, it helps to actually show up to the courthouse. It makes a better impression on the judge.

Of course, Jon also loves Collin enough to have him in his actual house, so one could argue that it’s part of a pattern between the parents.

Everyone is rooting for Collin and Hannah to live their best lives now that they’re out of Kate’s clutches.

Jon isn’t going to win any father-of-the-year awards, but he’s doing all that he can for his kids.

That has to count for something.