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Early last month, we heard that Jon Gosselin would have Collin home for Christmas.

There was still a lot of uncertainty at the time. Now, that uncertainty has all but vanished.

Collin is coming home this week — and possibly even by the end of the day on Tuesday.

Jon Gosselin, Son

RadarOnline reports some very good, very timely news about Collin Gosselin’s release.

"He is expected to be released December 18 or 19," an inside source close to the Gosselin family reveals.

That’s Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

"Collin will transition out of the facility," the insider elaborates.

Adjusting to life outside of an institution can be more challenging than it sounds, but ultimately, we hope that it will be good for him.

"And," the source concludes, Collin "will finally be home with his dad for good."

Collin Gosselin

Jon is no longer a reality star, and works as a DJ — among other things — to make an income.

He can’t always afford to take a great deal of time off, but he has nonetheless made a real effort to see Collin for multiple visits.

At first, he wasn’t even sure of the location where Collin was being held. That was Kate’s call.

But earlier this year, Hannah began living with Jon full time.

Now, he’s prepared to add Collin to the mix.

This is great news for Collin and Hannah.

And fans who have watched Collin miss multiple birthdays will be relieved to see him allowed around one sibling, at least.

Collin Gosselin Photo

After Jon won temporary custody of Collin following Kate skipping out on a custody hearing, Jon was excited.

Also excited was family friend and longtime barber Eric Rodriguez.

"I asked him if he was excited about going to regular school," Eric said of his most recent visit with Collin.

"And he said, yeah he’s super excited about it," Eric shared.

"He just said he didn’t like his other school that he was in before that facility," Eric reported. "The one that Kate had him in."

Hopefully, Collin will adjust well to living with Jon, Jon’s girlfriend, and Hannah.

Collin Gosselin and Aaden Gosselin

As you may recall, Kate banished Collin to a facility in 2016.

She said that the place was equipped to handle his "special needs."

Kate was vague about it, claiming that Collin has "anger issues."

Some joked and others seriously pointed out that growing up in Kate’s home could seriously impact mental health.

Kate herself wrote about being violent towards Collin.

Others suggested that Collin may have simply inherited the unbalanced rage that Kate herself seems to possess.

Regardless, Collin is a very young teenager and deserves to live a normal, healthy life if he can.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, Go Eagles

Hannah has been staying with Gosselin since earlier this year, causing quite a stir among fans.

Jon has confirmed on multiple occassions that she is residing with him permanently.

He has also revealed that Hannah and Collin are the only children who speak to him

Whether the others have their own issues with Jon or are simply under their mother’s pernicious influence is still up in the air.

Families are complicated.