Jon Gosselin Calls Out Ex-Wife: Kate Spends Zero Time with Collin! None! Zip! Zilch!

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You've heard of deadbeat dads, right?

Well, Jon Gosselin has gone on record as saying that ex-wife Kate Gosselin is a middling mother.

At best!


Earlier this week, the former reality star shared yet another photograph of himself and his teenage son, Collin.

The 14-year old had scarcely been seen or heard from for years, with Kate mysteriously saying on occasion that he was in some sort of facility for kids with special needs.

This sounded like a serious, sensitive and personal topic, so we simply left the explanation alone and wished the best for Collin.

However, Job started bringing Collin up often toward the end of last year, actually filing for custody of this child and winning at least temporary custody after Kate no-showed a court hearing.

In the weeks since, Jon has often shared pictures of him with Collin and also with Hannah, who still legally "belongs" to Kate but who has basically been living with her dad for about a year now.

Jon Gosselin and Collin Gosselin, Philly Auto Show

In the latest example of quality father-son time, Jon shared the above image over this past weekend.

"Great weekend with Collin and Colleen," Jon captioned the photo, referencing his girlfriend and noting that they all attended a car show in Philadelphia.

Fans flooded Jon's Instagram page with comments and praise for his newfound solid parenting -- while also wondering where Kate has been for the past few months.

She's barely been on social media and she hasn't said a word about all this custody stuff.

“He looks great! I do wonder though why Kate never shares pictures of him as if she never even sees him or spends time with him,” wrote one follower, while another tried to defend Kate as follows:

“You don’t know that off social media and cameras that she didn’t go and see her son or how often she does.”

That is absolutely possible.. but Jon actually replied and said it isn't true.

As you can see via the exchange below, According to Jon, his ex spends approximately “zero” time with Colin.

zero time

Jon has been taking one shot after another at Kate of late, with no response from his typically talkative ex.

In December, for instance, Jon shot down the notion that Collin even has special needs something Kate has emphasized for many years.

“He is not on any spectrum or special needs,” Jon wrote simply on Instagram.

Even then, Kate said nothing.

She did finally make some mention of her children last week to whine about their homework, which just resulted in Gosselin getting dragged online by her critics.

Kate, Kids

We sort of understand why she's gone so silent.

Kate Gosselin really is one of the least popular celebrities in recent memory. We're not trying to be harsh here, just realistic.

Do you think she has any kind of fan base at all?

That said, it's important to note:

While Jon spends all this time with Collin and Hannah, he has said previiously that his other six kids— 18-year-old twins Mady and Cara, as well as remaining sextuplets Alexis, Leah, Joel and Aaden— are NOT currently speaking to him.

They continue to live with Kate full-time.

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