Kate Gosselin Returns to Instagram to Whine About Children's Homework

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Ever since Kate Gosselin failed to show up to court and Jon Gosselin was awarded custody of Collin, Kate's been radio silent.

Now, however, she has returned to Instagram to complain about her remaining children's school assignments.

As a bunch of commenters pointed out ... aren't the kids supposed to do their own homework? What gives?

kate gosselin science fair ig 01

Kate Gosselin took to Instagram to complain about her children's homework.

"Just buried in Science Fair projects over here..." she writes.

Along with her captions, she includes two photos of what appear to be labels.

Hoping for solidarity with some fans, Kate continues: "This time of year is truly a joy for all of us."

Kate captions her post: "#LastYearOfScienceFair #CallsForACelebration "#WorkHardAndGetDone."

kate gosselin science fair ig 03

"Why are you doing the work for them????" one bewildered follower asks.

"They are almost 15 years old," comments another. "I doubt they need your help as much as you like to think they do."

That same comment concludes: "It's their project, not yours."

Almost always, when a parent sits down and does their child's homework for them, it's not to "help" the child.

Rather, it's about the parent's ego. They see their child's work as a reflection of them and their status.

It's a control freak thing. So ... no real surprise from Kate.

kate gosselin science fair ig 02

Some parents found it within themselves to actually sympathize with Kate Gosselin, if you can imagine.

When one commenter observed that Kate is "always complaining," another snapped back.

"Grow up," demanded Kate's defender. "Any parent who has gone through Science Fair has said far worse."

"Oh my goodness @kateplusmy8 I have missed your posts so much!" gushed an apparent sycophant.

"I hope you are all doing well," that diehard fan continued. "And hope you lost pictures from the science fair."

"Super mom," praised another.

That is ... not what most people say about Kate.

In fact, given her alarming history, a lot of people describe Kate with words that we wouldn't care to print.

Kate, Kids

Others wrote that they understood Kate's position.

"I remember them days with my daughter!" wrote a fan.

"Some parents never cared to help their children," the commenter lamented. "Way to go Kate for being a FANTASTIC mom!! Love you!!"

"That must be BRUTAL with 6 the same age!!!" sympathized another. "My hat is off to you!"

"Hated Science Fair time," agreed another. "The worst!!!"

"Next year’s project," joked a fan. "How many more wrinkles did my mom get during this year’s science fair project?"

Kate Gosselin and Mak

Another found a spectacularly shady way to point out that Kate's self-imposed plight could have been worse.

"Well, you have two less kids now to take care of," the comment reads.

The comment concludes: "With Jon having Collin and Hannah."

If you're the cackling sort, now would be the time to do so.

As we have reported, Jon Gosselin was awarded full custody of Collin after Kate couldn't even be bothered to show up to the hearing.

Collin Gosselin

Not every student has to do a science fair project, but schools that assign them do expect the student to do the work.

Maybe Kate simply insisted upon taking charge of the printing and cutting of labels?

If so ... that's still supposed to fall to her kids. Remember, even her youngest children are teens.

That's old enough to be trusted with a printer and an implement for cutting paper.

But we're not sure what we expected.

For Kate, it's her way or the highway. And Jon probably doesn't have much more room in his house.

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