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Now that former The Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino is divorced, what comes next?

We have our answer: ol’ Jesus Jugs is dating again.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Alexis showed off her team spirit — and her new boyfriend! See why fans are asking if she’s pregnant.

Alexis Bellino and Boyfriend Andy Bohn
Photo via Instagram

Alexis Bellino is not being subtle about her new man — or about where her football team loyalties lie.

Posing alongside boyfriend Andy Bohn, she made it clear which side she supported.

"RAMS Fam here @acbohn #loveisintheair #myforever"

It’s always nice to see someone rooting against the New England Patriots (even for me, and I don’t follow sports).

It’s not technically a surprise, as many find that their loyalties are with the team geographically closest to where they live.

The L.A. Rams are going to claim lots of loyalty on the West Coast.

Alexis Bellino and Andy Bohn

Fans paid more attention to her declaration of affection for Andy Bohn.

And they could not help but notice his hand placement.

A hand over someone’s belly is almost a universal sign for pregnancy or thoughts about pregnancy.

Naturally, nosey fans asked Alexis if she was eating Super Bowl snacks for two.

"No I’m not preggers," Alexis replied.

Well, that’s good to know.

Alexis Bellino Celebrated Independence Day
Photo via Instagram

So why are their hands placed the way that they are?

"He is holding my hand,” she clarified.

However, she then dropped a bombshell.

“But," Alexis wrote. "We wouldn’t mind one more in the future."

Over time, she apparently grew fatigued with some of the less positive remarks, as she added to the captions of both images:

"Positive Vibes only," Alexis implored her fans and followers. "No negative comments please."

Alexis Bellino and Children, Fourth of July
Photo via Instagram

There were additional negative comments. "Fans" love to jump to conclusions.

"Heard he’s a married man," wrote one follower, clearly aiming to shame Alexis.

"Shame," the follower continued. "And thought you were miss religious."

The name Jesus Jugs has stuck with Alexis, through the years, for better or for worse.

Alexis wanted to clear up the misunderstanding.

"Was married," she clarified. "In middle of divorce."

Alexis Bellino Family Photo
Photo via Instagram

Speaking of being in the middle of a divorce, Alexis had to go through all of that last year.

She split from her longtime husband, Jim Bellino.

Alexis adn Jim share 12-year-old son James and 11-year-old twin daughters, Melania and Mackenna.

(We feel genuine pity for Melania, whose parents could never have known how infamous her otherwise beautiful name would one day become)

Alexis is 42 years old.

She could give birth at this age, but it would not be without its risks.

Alexis Bellino and Jim Bellino
Photo via Instagram

Divorce is never fun, and neither Alexis nor Jim had an easy time with it, despite efforts to keep things civil for the sake o the children.

These days, both former spouses have moved on.

Alexis is dating Andy Bohn.

And Jim Bellino is trying to sue the pants off of Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador.

Jim alleges that some offhand comments and some rumors that the two women shared during an appearance on a podcast were malicious.

He says that they cost him $1 million worth of business, and that Tamra and Shannon had planned in advance to have that effect.