Jim Bellino: Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge Tried to RUIN My Business and Life!!

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Jim Bellino's intense lawsuit against Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge is still going strong.

Newly revealed documents explain exactly how he believes they robbed him of his revenue.

They also claim that Jim is certain that they intended to sabotage his business and ruin his life.

Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador

The Blast obtained and released court documents this week.

In them, Jim Bellino claims that Shannon Beador intentionally disrupted his business relationships.

"Shannon intended to disrupt those relationships"

"and knew or should have known that disruption would result"

"when she made the statements about Skyzone at issue in this case"

Jim Bellino and Alexis Bellino

"Disruption of those relationships has occurred"

"as visitors who would otherwise regularly visit Skyzone no longer do because they have heard that ‘people get paralyzed’ there."

"In addition, I had the opportunity to purchase three trampoline parks before [Shannon]’s statements were made"

He says that he was working with investors to make these purchases.

When the investors ultimately backed out, he lost the opportunity, he claims, to make $1 million.

He is laying the blame for this loss of potential income at the feet of Tamra and Shannon.

Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge

We're no experts on lawsuits (thankfully) or trampoline parks (again, thankfully), but here is what it looks like.

Proving that attendance at his trampoline parks is down and specifically because of statements on a podcast ... would be challenging.

But it does sound like Jim Bellino needs to prove three major things to make his case.

One, that Tamra and Shannon intended to sabotage his business.

Two, that their actions -- by which we mean discussing a few rumors on a podcast -- pushed his potential investors to pull out.

Three, that he really lost out on one million dollars as a result.

Jim Bellino and His Three Children

He probably has the paperwork to illustrate that he missed out on $1 million, so that third one is probably a safe bet.

Proving Shannon and Tamra's intentions would require evidence that they planned this.

That means Tamra's secret text messages or finding something else to support his theory.

Because you can't prove someone's intentions with nothing but suspicions.

What's going to be really interesting is that he may end up calling his would-be investors in to testify.

Alexis Bellino and Jim Bellino

Think about it this way: if he says that the investors backed out because of that podcast, he'll need to prove it, right?

If so, he may have to call upon them to testify.

If he does not, we imagine that Tamra or Shannon's attorneys might ask the investors themselves.

if they say that it was something else, that could go a long way towards helping Shannon and Tamra out of this mess.

This could end up blowing up in Jim's face.

That said, we'll have to watch this suit play out in court before we know the results. Either side could surprise us all.

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