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In recent weeks, Wendy Williams has been struggling with health issues that have prevented her from filming new episodes of her famously trashy talk show.

Steve Harvey longs for a future in which you could channel surf for hours and see nothing but Steve Harvey with maybe the occasional glimpse of Kenan Thompson doing a Steve Harvey impression thrown in for variety.

Steve Harvey-Wendy Williams

What do these two facts have to do with one another?

Well, if a new report from Radar Online is to be believed, Wendy and Steve are embroiled in some sort of Shakespearean intrigue, and the media personality who emerges victorious will enjoy the coveted title of King or Queen of Syndicated Daytime Television.

A source tells the site that producers are desperate for someone to fill in for Wendy while she’s on leave — and Steve believes he’s just the man for the job.

Wendy Williams Close Up
Photo via Wendy Williams

“Wendy’s fans are very particular. They didn’t take well to Don Lemon when he stepped in. He lasted just one week,” a production insider tells the site.

“It would take a very particular personality to step into Wendy’s shoes," the insider adds.

“The Fox guys see Steve as a big enough name, and word in the industry is the way he’s been treated by NBC, he feels they don’t deserve him."

Steve Harvey Sort of Sucks
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That last comment refers to Harvey’s feeling that his current bosses are edging him out in favor of daytime newcomer Kelly Clarkson.

NBC has apparently given coveted timeslots to Clarkson in several major markets, a fact that Harvey is clearly not thrilled with.

As host of roughly 47 shows, Harvey obviously isn’t hurting for money, but those who know the host best say he has a competitive streak that cannot be contained.

Steve Harvey on Set
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“Steve is all about one thing — winning,” says the insider.

“He’s not going to let Kelly come out of nowhere, steal his time slot and get an easy ride."

Harvey reportedly feels a partnership with Fox will take him back to the top, and sees Williams’ show as an easy way to get his foot in the door.

Wendy Williams in Gold
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“If he goes back to a show run by a big network, they will pump lots of money into it — and he thinks it will get him back on top of the TV ratings," the insider says.

Unfortunately, for Harvey, Williams and Clarkson are not his only competition.

Producers on Williams’ show are reportedly favoring Nick Cannon as a younger, hipper option.

Let the battle for daytime supremacy begin!