The Bachelor Spoilers: Final Four Contestants REVEALED!

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Colton Underwood's time on The Bachelor is just getting started, but already, The Bachelor spoilers are hitting the Internet.

Production insiders are spilling the tea on this season's outcome ... including which lucky (?) ladies make it to the end.

Colton Underwood with a Rose

Obviously, major Bachelor spoilers lie ahead, but if you haven't picked up on that already be warned:

Scrolling further will result in knowledge of who receives Colton's final roses.

There are some surprises on this year's list, but fans who have been watching the virginal former football star and his interactions closely will probably be able to predict at least two of the final four.

So without further ado, here are Colton's semi-finalists (according to Reality Steve who knows a thing or two about the subject):

Hannah Godwin on Instagram

Hannah Godwin

This one is unlikely to shock anyone.

Hannah received the first impression rose, and she and Colton seemed to hit it off the moment they locked eyes.

If you're taken aback that blogger Hannah makes it to the final four, there's a good chance you flunked chemistry in high school.

Tayshia Adams Selfie

Tayshia Adams

Little bit of a surprise here, as Tayshia has already stirred up a bit of controversy this season.

She stunned some viewers when she revealed that she got divorced after just 18 months of marriage in 2017.

Many assumed that virgin Colton wouldn't go for a woman who's been down the aisle before, but apparently, he's not as judgmental as some Bachelor fans.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Miss North Carolina 2018

Caelynn Miller-Keyes

This one's also not much of a shocker.

Caelynn may have turned off some viewers when she wore her Miss North Carolina sash on night one.

But she was also the first to snag a kiss from Colton, so it stands to reason that she'd make it far in the competition.

Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor

Cassie Randolph

"Predictable" isn't even the word for this pairing.

Cassie is from an ultra-conservative background, and while she's not a virgin like Colton, she's clearly troubled by that fact.

Colton essentially turned into a giant heart-eye emoji the first time he looked at Cassie, and the feeling apparently sticks around.

Our only problem with these two as a couple is that we saw it coming from day one, thus rendering the rest of the season moot.

Hannah Godwin and Colton Underwood: What's in the Box?

So there you have it. These are the four women who Colton will find most alluring this season ... 

... and now you're months ahead of your friends in the debate over why so-and-so should have been kicked to the curb on day one.

You won't believe what happens by the end of the journey, though. Check out the gallery below to find out, but before you do, be advised:

Grab a hat and hold the f--k on to it.

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