Hannah Godwin: Who is Colton Underwood's First Impression Rose Winner?

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If you've been following The Bachelor Spoilers, you already know Colton Underwood's choice -- and so much more.

But even if all that you've seen is the season premiere, you got the impression that Hannah G will go far this season.

She certainly got Colton's attention. But who is she?

Hannah Godwin and Colton Underwood: What's in the Box?

Back in October, we reported that Hannah Godwin made a good first impression on Colton Underwood.

That was, quite frankly, an understatement. We didn't want to spoil things too badly.

Now, it's out in the open: Hannah received Colton's coveted First Impression Rose.

It's more than just a compliment.

The men who received the same honor from Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin each ended up engaged to them.

Even without that statistic, it's a great way to indicate that Hannah rose above the rest and caught Colton's attention.

But ... who is she?

Hannah Godwin Bikini Photo

Hannah has obvious good looks and bajillions of professionally shot photos of her on the internet.

However, she does not consider herself to be a "model" -- not exactly.

As she explains on her website: "I consider myself to be Hannah."

Hannah is someone "who happens to like the creative aspect of social media [and] modeling in general!"

She describes herself as a content creator, which certainly sounds accurate.

That is a label often associated with writers and vloggers, but it can certainly apply to Hannah.

Hannah Godwin on Instagram

Hannah is a southern gal, hailing from Birmingham, Alabama.

And she has the Country music video credits to prove it.

She has appeared in music videos by Darius Rucker, Thomas Rhett, and others.

She is also the face of the popular online retailer, Red Dress Boutique, which fans may recognize from Shark Tank.

The brand was featured on that show in 2014.

So if Hannah looked familiar to you, that's why.

Hannah Godwin at Brunch

With over 163,000 followers on Instagram, Hannah is no stranger to fame.

Going on The Bachelor is going to attract some new fans, to be sure, but the experience should be familiar.

Hannah is also no stranger to the Bachelor Fam.

As we reported last fall, Hannah is close friends with Danielle Maltby.

It's pretty safe to say that she was as prepared as anyone can be to compete for Colton's affections.

Hannah G.

Some fans cannot help but wonder if Hannah is already familiar with one of her fellow contestants.

Hannah Brown -- that's right, Hannah B -- is also from Alabama.

In fact, Hannah B is Miss Alabama.

Then there's Annie, who is a recent graduate of University of Alabama.

That said, fans don't have a lot to go on, and merely being beautiful women from the same state doesn't mean that these ladies know each other.

If so, however, there could be some real drama.

Keep your eye out.

Hannah Godwin Models

Hannah's charm and looks were enough to make a solid first impression with Colton.

But first impressions aren't everything.

She'll need to stay on her toes if she wants to be the center of Colton's world for the rest of the season -- and beyond.

Hannah is definitely one to watch, though.

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