Jana Duggar Says She's Not Dating Lawson Bates and Now We're Sad

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In a word? Darn.

In two even more forceful words? Gosh darn!

Following days of excitement over the possibility of Jana Duggar and and Lawson Bates as a romantic item, the former has now taken to Instagram and seemingly shot down this notion with just a few keystrokes.

lawson and jana

Jana, as loyal followers of her cult-like family know very well, is 29 years old and unmarried.

This is akin to being a Kardashian or Jenner daughter and not having posed naked in a magazine or online.

It's simply unhead of.

This is why speculation and jubilation grew to an excessive degree back on January 10 when Jana joined Instagram, a move typically made by one of Jim Bob and Michelle's children only when they're courting.

Jana Duggar on TV

Jana's first post as a member of this platform featured a photo of Jessa Duggar's two sons, Spurgeon and Henry, along with the caption "Best buddies!"

So, no, she didn't come out and announce a new boyfriend or anything.

But then... Lawson Bates - a cast member on Bringing Up Bates, which is basically a Counting On knockoff that centers on two parents and their 19 kids - shared the picture below on his Instagram account.

“Please tell me that rose is for Jana," one follower remarked in response.

The quip may have been meant as a joke, but here's the thing...

Lawson Bates Rose

... it was Liked by Lawson's own mother!

So that settles it, right?!?

The long-gestating rumor that Lawson really is banging hoping to hold Jana's hand is true, right?

Wrong, Lawson himself quickly clarified.

“My mom was scrolling through late last night and didn’t realize what she was liking,” the 26-year-old told In Touch.

As you can see, however, lots of folks out there want to see these two together:

law replies

“I’m not much into matchmaking, but I’ve always thought you two would be so cute together!” wrote another individual of Bates and Duggar, while yet another added:

"I heard you and Jana are a thing!”

This, sadly, is when the star herself chose to step in and set the story straight.

“No, we’re not a thing,” Jana wrote back, along with a smiling emoji, despite this confirmation simply making us sad.

not a thing

For her part, Jessa has also responded to chatter over her sister's status.

No, she told fans last week, Duggars don't have to be in a courtship in order to be on Instagram.

“Haha! That’s been merely coincidence for some,” wrote Jessa in response to this question about Jana. “Definitely not a prerequisite. She’s not in a relationship.”

Like nearly everyone else on the planet, though, Jessa would love to hook her sibling up.

“If anyone is interested, please send all applications to me,” she wrote with a winking face and tongue out emoji.”

Jessa added with a crying laughing emoji: “I will check them out thoroughly.”

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