Kathryn Dennis: Dating Country Singer Hunter Price!

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After recently teasing fans with the implication that she's banging her BFF, Kathryn Dennis is in a new, actual relationship.

No, she's not back with that creep Thomas Ravenel.

Kathryn is dating a Country singer named Hunter Price.

Kathryn Dennis and Hunter Price

The Southern Charm has a new man, and she's ready for her fans and followers to know.

Kathryn tagged this photo with a single black heart emoji.

She then tagged the man himself -- Hunter Price.

"Who’s this?" asked one of Kathryn's attentive fans and followers.

The singer's name was tagged, but Kathryn knew what the fan was really asking.

Kathryn replied: "My person."

Kathryn Dennis in a Fancy Hat

If you're happy for her, you're not alone.

Co-star Naomi Olindo took to the comments to offer her teasing congratulations.

"OoOoOoOoO," Naomi wrote. "Insta offish."

That means Instagram official, as in a relationship secure enough for Kathryn to feel comfortable sharing it with the world.

Going Instagram official means that Kathryn's fans and followers will be along for the ride -- and any potential heartbreak.

"Right?!" Kathryn replied. "tH@t$ wHeN u KnO iT$ rE@L amirite??"

She's saying that's when you know it's real, am I right?

Hunter Price Selfie

So who is Hunter Price, other than a dude whose name would be amazing for a bounty hunter?

He is 25 years old, and he competed on Season 13 of America's Got Talent.

Hunter was eliminated in the Judge Cuts round.

Apparently, Kathryn is a fan of his music -- and so are some of her fans.

When a follower wrote that his single, "Left Behind," is on her playlist, Kathryn replied: "Mine too."

Kathryn Dennis Pic

At 25, Hunter is just one year younger than 26-year-old Kathryn Dennis.

That is a stark contrast to her major relationship with her disgraced former castmate Thomas Ravenel.

The couple shares two children, Kensie and Saint, over whom they are engaged in a nasty custody battle.

Thomas Ravenel is 56 years old -- a full 30 years Kathryn's senior.

She won't even be half Thomas' age until August of 2022.

Hunter sounds more age-appropriate. And also, from what we know about him, like less of a colossal douche.

Hunter Price

So Hunter definitely seems like an upgrade.

Before you go pointing out that Kathryn hooked up with her co-star, Shep Rose, we're not shading him.

Yes, Shep is handsome, either despite or because of the inexplicable Owen Wilson vibes that he radiates.

But they were just hooking up. Neither of them ever said that they were dating.

Good for Kathryn for living her best life, but it's probably a smart move for her to not date a co-star at this time.

They all know her and they all know her ex. It could get weird.

Kathryn Dennis and Kids on Christmas

Right now, Kathryn's very young children, Kensie and Saint, are the center of her entire world.

She has 50/50 custody with her baby daddy, Thomas, but is currently trying to get sole custody.

Her timing is about right, as Thomas is expected to face trial on rape charges.

If Kathryn is announcing that she's dating Hunter, it may mean that she's comfortable having him around her kids.

At the same time, she may be keeping her dating life separate from her family for now. She has not made it clear.

Either way, congratulations to Kathryn and Hunter. We wish them the best.

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