The Duggars: Do Jim Bob & Michelle's Kids Have Any Friends?

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For the most part, growing up with 18 siblings sounds like a nightmare.

The lack of bathroom access alone would be reason enough to run away from home.

But we suppose there are some upsides, too -- like the fact that you really never have to worry about companionship.

After all, with that many siblings, you're sure to get along with at least one of them, right?

Of course, the problem with raising and homeschooling an army of kids in a rural environment is that they don't have much incentive or opportunity to branch out and form relationships outside the family.

Which may be why fans are convinced the Duggar kids never bothered to make any friends.

Take a look:

1. So Many Duggars

So Many Duggars
The Duggars are a sizable clan, and they've been growing at an astonishing rate in recent years, as Jim Bob and Michelle's kids are marrying and starting families of their own.

2. Sisters/BFFs

Several members of the Duggar clan paired off in childhood with siblings who remain their best friends in adulthood.

3. Jill and Jessa Forever

Jill and Jessa Forever
Jill and Jessa Duggar, for example, have been close friends for their entire lives.

4. Better Than Besties

Better Than Besties
Jill and Jessa have a bond that goes beyond friendship, and it was only strengthened when they both faced the challenges of new motherhood together.

5. And They're Not the Only Ones ...

And They're Not the Only Ones ...
There are other pairs of close Duggar friends, including twins Jana and John David, who are said to enjoy such a close bond that they can communicate without speaking.

6. Not the Same

Not the Same
But some fans have argued that sibling relationships don't fill the same needs as friendships, and the Duggars' isolation has had a profound effect on their social development.

7. Homeschool Confidential

Homeschool Confidential
In addition to growing up in the extremely small town of Tontitown, Arkansas, the Duggars have all been homeschooled.

8. Major Downside

Major Downside
As a result, they spent very little time with kids their own age.

9. Church-Goers

Jim Bob and Michelle have claimed that their kids social development needs are met through church.

10. We're Not Buying It

We're Not Buying It
That might be all well and good for Jim Bob and Michelle, but there's nothing about church that ensures their kids get to spend time with children their own age.

11. Romance and Religion

Romance and Religion
Of course, church has proven to be an effective social center for the Duggars in one respect.

12. Spiritual Spouses

Spiritual Spouses
Several Duggars have met their eventual spouses in Arkansas churches.

13. Meeting Different Needs

Meeting Different Needs
But again, romantic relationships don't meet the same needs as platonic friendships.

14. An Odd Situation

An Odd Situation
Interestingly, only one of the Duggars has formed a close enough friendship that the friend was actually featured on the family's reality shows.

15. Jana and Laura

Jana and Laura
Laura DeMasie has been Jana's friend since childhood, and she often assists Jana with homeschooling her younger siblings.

16. Honorary Duggar

Honorary Duggar
Laura has made several appearances on Counting On, one of only a few non-Duggars to do so.

17. The Inevitable Rumors

The Inevitable Rumors
Naturally, the situation has led to rumors that Jana and Laura are "more than friends," but that doesn't appear to be the case.

18. Not Surprising

Not Surprising
Although to be fair, we can see why so many Duggar fans jumped to that conclusion.

19. Not a Top Priority

Not a Top Priority
The Duggars generally don't seem to value friendship very highly. After all, we know just about everything about their lives, and we've met exactly one close friend.

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