David Eason: Bird Box is Racist! Netflix is Trying to Control Your MIND!

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So David Eason isn't all there, is he?

And we're not being mean by saying that -- it's just the truth.

David Eason in Confederate Flag

The guy is very clearly unhinged these days, and as time goes on, he gets worse and worse.

Normal people don't get investigated by the Secret Service, OK?

They just don't.

To recap everything real quick, David is losing his mind down on the swamp he shares with Jenelle Evans.

David Eason, Unhinged

In the past few months, Jenelle's called 911 to claim that he assaulted her, he's displayed a Confederate flag in several states across the continental U.S., and he seemingly threatened to kill the president.

He's shown off the many, many weapons he keeps in his home, including poison darts, and he's made it clear that he's not afraid to use any of those weapons on anyone who dares step foot on his property.

He's being sued for towing a handicapped man's truck and damaging it, and also he played with a dead animal on Snapchat.

2018 really was not a great year for him.

Jenelle and David Cuddles

And although we're only a few days into 2019, it looks like his reign of stupidity will continue.

It turns out that he and Jenelle, along with the rest of the world, watched that new Netflix movie, Bird Box.

You know, the one where Sandra Bullock has emotional problems and then some monsters come into being that make you kill yourself if you look at them.

Lots of people have gotten lots of different messages from the movie -- some people think it's about God, others think it's about mental illness.

David Eason and His Gun

But David?

Well, David thinks the movie is Netflix's attempt at brainwashing you into thinking that white people are bad.

"Bird Box?" he wrote on Facebook. "You mean a bunch of crazy white people and two flawless black guys?"

"Its mind control, they want u to hate the white man!"

David on Bird Box

It's sort of painful how dumb that is, isn't it?

Like he actually believes that because a movie has two likable characters played by black actors, the movie is an attempt to make everyone "hate the white man."

It's just insane, and luckily, many people who commented on his post thought the same.

"Omg the film had nothing what so ever to do with race c'mon dude," one person told him.

David Eason Shoots Stuff

Another broke the news that "Reviewing movies may not be the gig for you. Just keep moving, sir."

One particularly exasperated follower of his wrote "Oh my God I can't I'm so done with this f-cking racist motherf-cker."

But David was prepared to defend his theory.

When someone asked him if he was racist, he replied with "Umm no, the movie is racist in case you didnt read my post."

Slavery Rules!

He asked another confused commenter "How do you not see that every white man is the bad guy in this movie?"

We'd argue that "the bad guy" in the movie is the monsters that make people kill themselves, but some not-so-nice characters were white dudes, sure.

Because movies have characters, and characters are played by actors, and actors have races, and sometimes a person of a certain race plays a certain role without their race having anything at all to do with anything.

A crazy notion, huh?

David Eason Eff You

But it's true!

Bad guys in movies are played by all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds, and the vast majority of the time, it's not because the people making the movie are trying to control your mind.

Just read a book or find a hobby or something, David.

This is just too much.

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