David Eason: I'll Shoot Anyone Who Comes on My Property, Including the President!

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In case you missed it, David Eason had quite the weekend.

Jenelle Evans' increasingly unhinged husband took to Instagram to issue terrorist threats against Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump.

Needless to say, his posts were not well-received, and now, David is in serious trouble.

First, he received a visit from the Secret Service, and now, he's been locked out of his Instagram account.

David is backpedaling furiously at the moment, but it could be a case of too little, too late.

Take a look: 

1. The Firearms Enthusiast

The Firearms Enthusiast
Last week, David posted a number of rambling videos and written messages, in which he seemed to threaten violence against Donald Trump.

2. Unexpected Visit

David was visited by the Secret Service on Friday. He responded by posting videos like this, along with some very unsettling captions.

3. Sounds Like a Reasonable Guy

Sounds Like a Reasonable Guy
"I’m gonna upload a lot more gun videos. And you know what? I got a gun on my hip! F--k you, SBI!" David said at one point.

4. Dsvid Settles the Gun Control Debate

"Since y’all are so concerned that I put #Trump and #NancyPelosi why don’t you go tell them bitches not to start banning guns! Then maybe people won’t put hashtag their name," he continued.

5. Lesson NOT Learned

Lesson NOT Learned
“And for you Secret Service officers, I’m very flattered that you come on out to my house just to check things out and all, but don’t be a f**king bitch," Eason added. "I’m gonna start postin’ guns and puttin’ #trump every f**king time. So go f**k yourself!”

6. One Angry Dude

One Angry Dude
“Now you Secret Service motherf--kers wouldn’t have come down here if my gate was closed,” David continued. “And if you did, I would have been shootin’ at you because I wouldn’t know who you was. You gonna come back? I don’t think so.”

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