Derick Dillard Calls His Children a Curse, Is Still Just Terrible

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Does anyone actually like Derick Dillard?

They don't, right?

Derick Dillard in Class

Please say they don't.

For some reason, lots of people sure do seem to enjoy the Duggars, and in a genuine way, even, and that's one thing.

But even those people don't care for Derick, do they?

It's just that he's so annoying and offensive, and he's really serious about it, too.

When it comes to the rest of their family, they have their beliefs that rub a lot of us the wrong way, but Derick seems to truly delight in saying ignorant things.

Jill and Derick Posing

Remember back when he got super obsessed with running his mouth about Jazz Jennings, the transgender girl (and literal child) who has her own show on TLC?

It was weird, it made everyone uncomfortable, and that's just sort of what this guy is all about.

He says awful things almost exclusively, and so it's really no surprise that he went and talked trash about his own kids on Twitter.

Derick, along with the rest of the family, is big on sharing Bible verses on social media, and this one he posted from Proverbs reads "Whoever blesses his neighbor with a loud voice, rising early in the morning, will be counted as cursing."

Derick Dillard on Insta

Along with the verse, he added a question:

"Does this apply to the tiny people living in one's house?"

Just in case you didn't go to bible school and have a tough time figuring out the meaning of these kind of weirdly worded excerpts, the phrase "counted as cursing" here is more commonly worded as "counted as a curse."

So essentially the message is "Whoever wakes his neighbor up by being loud is a curse."

And he's interested in seeing if he can tweak that to include his own children.

Jill and Derick Dillard with Family

What a peach!

Derick and Jill have two sons, three-year-old Israel and one-year-old Samuel.

They are precious boys, and we're sure that they are pretty loud, even in the mornings when their parents might prefer to get a little more sleep.

That's just sort of how toddlers are.

But to good ol' Derick here?

Derick Dillard on Social Media

They're a curse.

And don't think for one second that his followers didn't call him out on his bizarre tweet.

"How blessed you are to have children," one woman replied. "I had infertility for 13 years and would give anything for a child to be in my house raising their voice. You are blessed!"

Another person asked "Are you equating your loving joyful children taking you up as them cursing? Lots of people would love to have children to do that and vice versa, consider yourself blessed."

Derick Dillard, Attorney at Law?

One of his followers went the sarcastic route, asking him "Isn't the blanket training working yet?"

Someone else said that "Derick doesn't hide the fact that his own children bother the sh-t out of him and he finds them extremely annoying. Father of the year!"

Look, we've got no love for Derick, but of course a lot of parents make comments about how they'd enjoy it if their kids slept in a little more, right?

The difference is that Derick constantly comes across as an absolute douchebag with every single thing he says.

Sorry about those cute little curses you have though, bud!

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