David Eason Plays with Dead Animal, Taunts FBI in Disturbing Posts

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We all know that David Eason is a terrible person.

Has he ever shown a single redeeming quality? Can anyone name just one little thing about him that's decent?

We could spend the rest of our days talking about all the horrific things he's done, but for right now, let's focus on the latest ones, OK?

Because they are just spectacularly disturbing.

1. The WORST

Settle in, friends, because we are going to go over some real, real bad stuff today.

2. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Should we start with the bad stuff that's awful but still kind of funny because he's just so dumb?

3. A Lot to Consider

A Lot to Consider
Or should we just dive right into the part that was so incredibly bad that it made yours truly literally burst into tears?

4. OK, OK

Let's just ease into it, all right? No need to get all disturbed first thing.

5. Here We Go

Here We Go
So as you probably know, David got himself into a bit of trouble earlier this month when he seemed to threaten the president with an assault rifle.

6. Gross

Here's the video -- he posted this on Instagram, said that it would make people think he's lost it, and tagged Donald Trump.

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