Cardi B to Offset: I'll Take You Back, But Don't Bone Any Groupies!

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Offset did the unthinkable and cheated on Cardi B, and she gave him the boot.

But you can only stay angry so long when you're horny, which is why Cardi bootycalled Offset not too long after.

Now, however, they're getting serious about reconciling -- and Offset has sworn off his adoring fans.

Cardi B with Offset

TMZ reports that Cardi B and Offset are back together.

This time, it's not just a hookup, as Cardi is returning to the Atlanta home that the couple shared prior to their split.

According to the report, this marks a major milestone in their reconciliation.

This is said to be the first time that Cardi has returned to stay at that house since December, when she slammed Offset for cheating.

In the past, the couple's "reunions" have been more like booty calls.

Cardi has been upfront about how much she enjoys -- and, at times, misses -- Offset's dongo longo.

Cardi B and Offset PDA

This time, TMZ reports that this is more than just a testament to Offset's skill when it comes to laying pipe.

Offset has taken some important steps to prove that he's sincere about fidelity -- for real, this time.

Apparently he changed his phone number as a gesture to Cardi that any woman who wants him to hit her back walls won't be able to reach him.

Furthermore, he has vowed that he'll use his new number for Cardi and for business -- not for making new "friends."

And Offset has apparently vowed to live by a new, very important rule.

Cardi B & Offset Image

The new operating rule is simple: "no groupies."

That might sound like it defeats the whole point of being a famous musician, but Offset also has wealth and fame.

(If you want to bang groupies, live your best life! But that is very mutually exclusive with a monogamous marriage, so don't be a dick)

The timing of this commitment to keeping Offset's female fans at bay is just right.

Because this Sunday, February 3, he is expected to make an appearance at the Super Bowl in Atlanta.

That's a lot of opportunity for groupies to make their move, but he'll be keeping them beyond arm's length. Smart.

Offset and Cardi B

Offset has a lot to lose if he strays again.

While the largest American sporting event of the year attracts a lot of fans, Cardi has turned her nose at the Halftime Show.

Though initial rumors said that she was making diva demands, her people made it clear that this was about principle.

Colin Kaepernick has been effectively blacklisted from the NFL over his brave political stance.

While "gee I wish black people weren't so routinely murdered by the folks who are supposed to protect them" shouldn't be controversial, it is with a lot of NFL fans.

It turns out that racists don't like it when black people silently and peacefully protest racism. Who knew?

Offset has added her name to a growing list of talent, including Rihanna, who won't touch the NFL until they get their act together.

Cardi B and Offset Take a Walk

Maroon 5 will headline at the Super Bowl, and both Travis Scott and Big Boi are expected to appear for the show.

That's great news for people who like the kinds of music that men make.

Travis Scott's choice to appear is controversial, and Jay-Z had reportedly said that he would try to talk him out of it.

Some believe that Kylie Jenner persuaded Travis to take the gig to boost his career, even at the cost of basic human decency.

You could poke fun at Travis, Big Boi, and Maroon 5 for losing the moral high ground to notorious shoe-thrower Cardi B.

But then, we all know how serious and surprisingly sensible Cardi B can be about politics.

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