Ben Affleck: Officially OUT as Batman!

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It's been a rollercoaster week for old Beantown Bennie, aka Ben Affleck, aka the Artist Formerly Known as Batfleck.

On the plus side, Tahmmy Touchdown and the rest fackin' Pats are likely to cruise to yet another Super Bowl victory on Sunday, thus prompting yet another duck boat parade at which the line between celebration and relapse is sure to become blurred to the point of invisibility.

The Affleck

But sadly, Ben's Sam Adams-fueled mirth is sure to be tinged with sorrow, as just like a young Bruce Wayne, Affleck has unexpectedly lost that which means the most to him and must now brood and vape for the rest of his days.

Warner Bros. announced this week that it's scheduled the release of the next installment in its Batman franchise for June of 2021.

And it looks as though the project will not feature Ben as the Caped Crusader.

Ben Affleck Snapshot

Affleck essentially confirmed the news on Wednesday when he retweeted an article reporting that the project would go forward with director Matt Reeves, but without Ben.

That means that despite being cast as Batman way back in 2013, Affleck will exit the role without ever having starred in a film in which he received sole top billing.

Ben donned the cape and cowl for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Justice League, all of which were ensemble efforts -- and none of which were particularly well-received by critics.

Ben Affleck Winks

The news of Affleck leaving the role comes as both a surprise and a disappointment to many fans of superhero films.

While the initial decision to cast Ben as Bruce Wayne was met with widespread skepticism, many applauded Affleck's plan to direct himself in a standalone Batman film.

The sheer, Welles-rivaling ambition of the project was enough to elicit optimism, and many were eager to see the Oscar winner's take on one of Hollywood's most iconic characters.

Ben Affleck Looks Pissed

It's still unclear exactly when and why those plans went off the rails, but it's believed that Affleck's tumultuous personal life played a role.

Multiple rehab stints, a highly-publicized divorce from Jennifer Garner, and allegations of inappropriate behavior left the public with an image of Ben as a guy who fights rumors, not crime.

Affleck's decision to step away from DC's ambitious cinematic universe seems to have come in stages.

Ben Affleck at Premiere

In 2017, Affleck announced that he would not be directing his own Batman film, revealing in a statement that he felt doing so would compromise his acting ability.

"It has become clear that I cannot do both jobs to the level they require," he said at the time.

The decision to resign from the role completely seems to have come about during Affleck's most recent stint in rehab, and many believe it was prompted by his desire to focus on recovery.

Ben Affleck Smiling

We crack the occasional joke at Ben's expense here, but he's an immense talent, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors, both personal and professional.

That said, we hope his Pats get steamrolled by the Rams on Sunday.

Hey, Ben lives in LA now, it's a win-win for the guy.

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