Blac Chyna to Rob Kardashian: It's Not My Fault You're Broke, Dude!

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These days, Rob Kardashian is broke and living with his mom.

He is also locked in a legal battle with his ex and baby mama, Blac Chyna, whom he is suing.

Now, Chyna is hitting back, and saying that the sheer volume of cash that Rob is demanding is absurd -- and illegal.


As you know, Rob Kardashian is suing Blac Chyna, claiming both property damage and emotional stress after their 2016 blowout fight.

According to RadarOnline, Chyna says that Rob has made a "bald attempt to inflate" estimates of what Chyna could conceivably owe him.

Chyna says that the lawsuit should be moved to a lower court.

She argues that, realistically, Rob cannot claim damages greater than $5,000.

Per her affidavit, she agrees to pay for Rob's damaged television set and for a $250 tee-shirt.

That agreement, however, is contingent upon the case being moved to a lower court.

Rob Kardashian, Sadness Snap

Lynne Ciani, Chyna's attorney in this matter, lays out her offer.

"After transfer of this case to a court of limited jurisdiction," she begins.

Ciani continues: "Chyna will present evidence that the damaged gingerbread house was a gift to her from Kris Jenner."

With very few exceptions, you are allowed to damage or destroy your personal property.

"And," Ciani says. "That Rob consented to the damage done to his t-shirt."

We have no idea what form that evidence would take.

Blac Chyna at the Mic

"Regarding the television set," Ciani continues in her court argument.

"Chyna has informed Plaintiff through his counsel that she will reimburse Rob for the cost to replace the television," she says.

But that reimbursement doesn't match up to the hefty amount that Rob is demanding.

"Here," Ciani argues. "A monetary award for more than $25,0000 is virtually unattainable."

"As a matter of law," she points out. "Chyna is not possibly liable for more than $5,000 of damaged claimed by Rob."

Blac Chyna Among the Flowers

Why is Chyna not liable for more than that? She spells it out.

"Rob has no medical expenses or loss or earnings," Ciani explains.

"And," she continues, Rob "claims no future medical expenses or loss future earning capacity."

Someone whose movement or fine motor skills or appearance is altered can sue for a significant amount.

A busted television is not the same.

"While the evidence does not show the value of the ripped t-shirt," Ciani admits.

"Defendant Chyna generously values Rob’s t-shirt at $250 for purposes of this motion." she concludes.

Rob with His Dream

Chyna is also taking aim at Rob's attempt to get security costs from her.

He says that security expenses following their fight cost him $62,000.

Chyna points out that, since the two of them reunited just days after that fight, that cost estimate seems a little high.

While hiring a bodyguard for a year might cost that much, Rob may find it difficult to argue that a few days of concern cost that much.

Even so, we wouldn't be surprised if the Kardashians come back with a powerful argument on their own.

The Blac One

What might the Kardashians say?

Well, since Rob is currently broke and living with the support of his family, they might argue that Rob would be working if not for Chyna.

Though she has not physically prevented him from work, they may say that the trauma she allegedly inflicted damaged Rob.

From his self esteem to his general emotional well-being, Rob might be in a different place and prepared to be on camera.

If things with Chyna had ended differently.

But considering that Rob was a recluse for ages before he met Chyna, the Kardashians may find it challenging to make that intriguing argument stick.

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