JPLOWWed: Jenni Farley "Drunk or Drugged Up" in New Video, Fans Claim

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Most of the drama on Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 (they really need to go back to just calling it Jersey Shore) centered around the disastrous relationship between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley.

But against all odds, Jenni "JWoww" Farley is now giving Rahn a run for his money in the bad romance department.

JWOWW at 2018 VMAs

Farley filed for divorce against Roger Mathews back in September.

Roger tried to win Jenni back, and while his efforts were unsuccessful, it initially looked as though the divorce would proceed somewhat amicably.

That's no longer the case, as Farley was forced to file for a restraining order against Mathews following a December altercation that was so ugly police had to get involved.

Roger Mathews and Jenni Farley Together

Needless to say, JWoww has been through a lot in recent months.

And fans think the psychological toll of her ugly divorce is evident in the mother of two's latest social media post.

Like many reality stars, Jenni supplements her income by posting sponsored content, such as the video below:

Farley posted that clip as part of an endorsement deal with an eyeliner company.

But the comments section has become a center of intense debate for reasons that have nothing to do with cosmetics.

Many fans believe Jenni is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol in the clip.

Jenni Farley at MTV Movie Awards

These folks claim the 32-year-old is slurring her words and seems to be generally "out of it."

"She's totally wasted," commented one follower.

"So obvious there is NO WAY she is sober you can tell from voice pitch & slurring in the beginning of video."

“High as f--k,” another fan stated.

Nice-Looking JWoww

Some say the frequent cuts in the video are evidence that Jenni was struggling to maintain her composure.

Other fans were quick to defend Farley, claiming that the cuts were the reason she appears to be disoriented in the clip.

"The video is pieced together...maybepeoplee thought it was slurred when the video switches clips," wrote one Instagram user.

"I literally came to this video just to see what everyone was complaining about, and I dont see sh-t," another fan commented in response to the rumors of Jenni's intoxication.

JWoww Ab Cuts

Our take is that the video doesn't offer any conclusive evidence one way or another.

The fact is, Jenni does like to party (The most recent season of Shore saw her paying a visit to a rehab center while still drunk from the night before.), and it's possible she's intoxicated in this clip.

It's also possible that she's a victim of awkward editing or that she didn't feel entirely comfortable on camera.

Whatever the case, our hearts go out to Jenni and her family during this difficult time, and we hope she's receiving the help she needs.

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