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Everyone enjoys the sweet photos Madonna shares, but some can’t view anything without a critical eye.

Around New Year’s Eve, a number of people took to social media to accuse Madonna of having been the recipient of butt implants.

Now, the music legend is speaking out.

Madonna butt implant rumor tweet

Madonna’s booty, as you can see in the photos shared in this tweet, is really making itself known these days.

"I think the saddest ending to 2018 is finding out that Madonna got butt implants," the critical fan writes.

This fan was just one of countless others who noticed that Madonna’s butt was looking very full-figured.

Some suggested that it was merely the result of wearing butt pads.

Others guessed that she could be hiding a microphone pack or even a wallet with her derriere. 

And some fans figured that she’d just been doing squats.

Madonna statement on Instagram

Madonna was not interested in theories, whether they were flattering or painted her as desperate.

"Desperately Seeking No Ones Approval," Madonna wrote in an Instagram post.

"And Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else!!," she affirmed.

Madonna continued: "Thank you 2019"

"Its Going to Be an amazing Year!!" she predicted.

Madonna tagged her photo: "#2019 #freedom #respect #nofear #nodiscrimination."

That vague post does not refer directly to her butt at all, but it seems pretty clear that it was a response to the rumors.

Madonna Serving Looks on Instagram

Madonna was not interested in making this all about her butt.

The legendary singer has been a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

She has been named Stonewall’s ambassador for a very special anniversary.

This makes Madonna part of the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots.

In response to a police raid, a number gay, bi, and trans people who had just been living their lives fought back against their oppressors.

This event was the catalyst that sparked the mainstream LGBTQ+ rights movement in the United States and beyond.

Madonna Pays Tribute

Madonna was honored to be Stonewall’s ambassador and to perform on New Year’s Eve.

It’s just a shame that some eyes were more focused on her butt than on the significance of her performance.

LGBTQ+ rights have come a very long way during the course of her career.

These days, it’s considered scandalous when a celebrity is exposed as homophobic.

In the ’80s, during the height of the AIDS epidemic, Madonna stood out from the crowd of bigots with her close friendships with gay artists.

While there is considerable discourse within marginalized communities about the place that "allies" deserve, Madonna has done a lot of good work.

Madonna in Blue

Another major issue here is ageism and sexism.

Madonna is a woman. She is also 60 years old.

When a 20-year-old Instagram model has a major booty, people either ask for workout tips or for her surgeon.

When a 60-year-old pop star is rocking a bubble butt, people try to make her the butt of jokes.

Why? Because it’s considered comical for a middle-aged woman to want to be seen as attractive or desirable.

Meanwhile, men are allowed to age and still be seen as sexy — sometimes, as being even more desirable as they grow older.

There’s no female equivalent of the term "silver fox." And no, cougar is not the word.

Madonna at 2017 MET Gala

Ultimately, what Madonna does with her butt is none of our business until she chooses to make it our business.

It is our sincere hope that she continues to live her best life authentically and joyfully.

That means not letting body-shamers keep her down.

Good for her for not dignifying their accusations with a denial or an admission.

Still, if she decides to share her booty secrets, that’s her choice to make.