Blac Chyna Receives Visit from Cops, Accused of Drunk Negligence

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Blac Chyna received a visit from the Los Angeles Police Department on Sunday night after someone called and told authorities that the former reality star was both wasted...

... and ignoring her daughter, Dream, as a result of this intoxicated state.

Blac Chyna Sees Red

According to TMZ, the call was placed anonymously by someone who alleged Chyna was in such poor shape that she could not care for her infant child.

However, when officers showed up at Chyna's home, they found no reason to be alarmed whatever:

No one there was drunk, Dream was being properly cared for and there was even a nanny on hand.

What could explain this mix-up? We figure there are three possibilites:

1. A simple, harmless mistake.

2. A member of her glam team, with whom TMZ source claim Chyna has fought earlier in the evening, placed the call.

3. Alexis Skyy made the call as a form of revenge against her new rival.

Blac Chyna and Her Lips

Who the heck is Alexis Skyy and why would she do such a thing?

The VH1 reality star is apparently Rob Kardashian's new lover and she got into a physical altercation with Chyna about a week ago at a private party in Los Angeles.

Chyna hasn't spoken out on this confrontation, but Skyy previously said that Rob's baby mama called her over to her table at this shindig and proceeded to hurl a drink at her.

Two days later, Kardashian shared a video of Skyy cooking him dinner, making it clear that Chyna's antics had not affected their romance.

Would Skyy then turn around and try to get Chyna in trouble with the police?

Maybe. We can't say we're familiar enough with her to know for certain.

Blac Chyna Goes Blue

Rob, we suppose, is also a possible suspect here.

While he and Chyna have mostly managed to co-parent Dream pretty well, there have been reports of late that he wants full custody of his daughter.

Naturally, one way to accomplish this goal would be to make Chyna look like an irresponsible mother.

You know, like someone who drinks a lot of alcohol and can't care for her young kid.

This wasn't exactly a great plan by whomever made the call, considering it was easy for cops to visit Chyna and to see that everyone was totally fine... but still.


Rob hasn't always used the best or most thought-out judgment.

Remember that whole revenge porn thing from 2017?

We're not saying Rob was the one at fault in this case. We really have no idea.

We're just saying the guy has shown himself at times to be a pretty huge idiot.

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