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A number of people were surprised to learn that Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian are dating or at least appear to be dating.

Blac Chyna, Rob’s ex and baby mama, wasn’t surprised — but she was furious.

We have now learned that Chyna’s big fight with Alexis over the weekend was all about Rob.

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TMZ reports that Alexis Skyy and Blac Chyna’s physical confrontation was all about Rob Kardashian.

Apparently, the "scolding" was something that Chyna had wanted to do for a long time.

Sources in both women’s camps say that Chyna invited Alexis to speak at the party in order to confront her.

Chyna reportedly felt and still feels that Alexis’ interactions with Rob, Chyna’s baby daddy, are inappropriate.

It is sad that Alexis and Rob have known each other since 2016, when Rob was still with Chyna.

Even then, sources say, Chyna thought that Alexis was entirely too chummy with her man.

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Chyna’s camp tells TMZ that Alexis didn’t tell the whole truth when she went on Instagram live.

Yes, Chyna reportedly threw her drink, but she was apparently not the one who started it.

When she brought up the past, this is when Alexis reportedly "went wild."

Only then, the tabloid reports, did Chyna throw her drink.

All of Alexis’ talk about a "smackdown," it is said, only started up after Alexis’ male friend showed up, after she had been booted from the party.

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TMZ notes that Chyna’s ire and even the confrontation don’t seem to have harshed anybody’s mood — or thirst.

Whatever is going on between Alexis and Rob appears to be heating up.

Rob has been singing Alexis’ praises as his "WCW."

(If you’re not big on social media, WCW means Women Crush Wednesday, so you’d tweet a pic of Rihanna or whomever on Wednesday to express your thirst)

Maybe Alexis was flirty with Rob in 2016, but these days, it looks like it’s intensified and, significantly, it’s mutual.

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As you may recall, the incident between Alexis and Chyna went down on Saturday.

At first, we had only Alexis’ description of what happened.

The two were at a party when Chyna invited Alexis over to join her at a table.

Alexis then said that Chyna threw her drink at her and demanded that she leave the party.

On Instagram Live, Alexis told her fans and followers this, and announced that she planned to retaliate with a "smackdown."

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So, what is the deal with Alexis and Rob?

There are those who might cynically suggest that Alexis saw how Chyna was living in 2016 and decided then and there that she wanted to upgrade.

If you believe that Alexis is just after a better lifestyle or a piece of that Kardashian fame, then you see her as using him.

We would say that it’s always possible, but that Alexis may just be genuinely charmed with Rob.

Rob’s perspective is easy to see if you’ve ever seen a photo of Alexis. She’s drop-dead gorgeous.

Wherever this is headed, we just hope that things don’t end up for them like they did between Rob and Chyna.

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At first, when Rob got with Chyna, it seemed like a good thing.

He started appearing in public more and even on camera, and shared that he was working on his health.

Unfortunately and very famously, his relationship with Chyna blew up.

It ended with lawsuits, revenge porn, and allegations of assault.

The only truly good thing to come from that debacle was their baby, Dream Kardashian.

She is precious and adorable and the world is a better place with her in it.