Kanye West on R. Kelly: Can't He Just Rape Kids in Peace?!?

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Just to be clear, Kanye West does not think it's okay to have sex with underage women.

But the controversial rapper does seem to think it's okay to keep buying albums by artists accused of having sex with underage women.

Heck, he basically encourages it!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for Versace

On Sunday, West took to his Instagram story and said the following:

"They want art from the artist. But, anytime they do anything erratic, they just gonna pull up the full documentaries on him."

Full documentaries, huh?

This certainly seems to be an allusion to R. Kelly because Lifetime aired a six-part documentary last week titled Surviving R. Kelly that detailed all the alleged sexual relationships he carried on with young teenage women over the years.

The testimony from these women in the series is haunting.

John Legend, who was interviewed for the special, has referred to R. Kelly as a "serial child rapist" on Twitter.

This is an accusation that is hard to argue with after you read about what R. Kelly reportedly did with Aaliyah, for example.

R. Kelly Sucks

Years ago, a sex tape surfaced in which the long-time singer urinates on a 14-year old partner.

And yet... fans have continued to buy his music and popular culture has mostly continued to support Kelly.

Thankfully, the tide may finally be turning against the monster that is R. Kelly, as a #MuteRKelly has been gaining momentum on social media.

In his diatribe over the weekend, it very much sounds as if Kanye is talking directly about this movement when he said:

"They gonna come with the Michael documentary. We can enjoy all their music all we want."

Kimye at the Cher Show

Here, West is bringing up Michael Jackson.

For the most part, his songs remain as iconic and beloved as ever -- but this legendary artist has also been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Prior to his passing, Jackson had been under investigation on multiple occasions for allegedly touching little boys with whom he shared his bed.

Does this mean his albums are off-limits? That's a decision that can only be made by each indivdual listener.

But it's apparent West doesn't think anyone's sales numbers should be negatively affected by anyone's actions, no matter how abhorrent they may be in the case of R. Kelly.

Silly Kimye

UPDATE: Actually, no, this is not what Kanye meant, his wife has now claimed.

Aware of the uproar over Kanye's latest rant, the reality star has once again rushed to her man's defense, Tweeting early on Monday:

I’m going to nip this in the bud right now. Kanye was speaking about his own experience of everyone quick to say they are cancelling him because of differences in opinion & not being perfect.

The analogies were in context to his own experiences, not defending anyone else.

She then added:

I want to make it very clear, he is not condoning anyone’s actions or unacceptable disgusting behavior. My husband’s words are being taken out of context due to timing.

kim for ye

HA! Due to timing.

Yes, because West purposely timed his remarks to coincide with the backlash against R. Kelly as the result of this documentary airing.

Dude is totally responsible for his own words and his own timing.

At some point, doesn't Kim get tired of serving as Kanye's interpreter? Of lying and clarifying and then lying some more on behalf of the man who helps keep her famous?

Seriously, who wants to be the Kellyanne Conway of a marriage?

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