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Just two days before Ashley Martson was found unresponsive at home and hospitalized, she filed for divorce from Jay Smith.

The 90 Day Fiance couple had stayed together despite Jay’s cheating, but apparently not forever.

Curiously, Ashley was not the only Season 6 star who filed for divorce on that exact same date.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith

Late Wednesday morning, blogger John Yates shared 

The court document from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania 

The plaintiff is Ashley E Smith — Ashley Martson’s married name.

The defendant is Conroy St. Christopher Smith — whom 90 Day Fiance all know as Jay.

What is really interesting about this divorce filing is the date.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith, 90 Day Fiance Tell All Special

This was filed on January the 11, 2019.

Two things are significant about that date.

As we previously reported, Ashley was hospitalized on January 13 — just two days later.

She was found unresponsive at her home.

During her battle with lupus, she had gone into kidney failure.

Some can say that it’s fate or that she collapsed from a broken heart, but … again, she collapsed from kidney failure.

There’s nothing romantic about lupus.

Ashley and Jay in Black and White

The other interesting thing about the January 11 date is that she wasn’t the only 90 Day Fiance star to file for divorce on that date.

Mere hours after Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s latest arrest, Colt Johnson filed for divorce.

That would have also been on January 11.

This followed an incident in which both Colt and Larissa accuse the other of domestic battery (there are a lot of disputed facts).

In contrast, Ashley is believed to have filed for divorce because Jay downloaded Tinder and cheated on her just days after their wedding.

That’s bad, but it’s not the same as Larissa’s scary bloody cry for help.

Larissa Lima Shows Bloody Facial Wounds

Is this a huge coincidence?


But it has been reported that Ashley and Jay are operating under a non-disclosure agreement.

Why? Because they are appearing on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

(Yes, the question mark in the title of that spin-off absolutely belongs there)

Do you know who else was filming Happily Ever After?

Larissa and Colt, as Larissa revealed more than once as she wailed on social media about Colt’s cheating.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith, Wedding Day Photo

We wonder which dates exactly were covered by their Happily Ever After? contracts.

Did Ashley and Colt have to wait before filing for divorce until that date in order to meet their contractual obligations?

(If so, that would really feed into conspiracy theories, some voiced by Larissa herself, that Colt planned their horrifying fight in advance)

Alternatively, did Ashley see that Colt had filed for divorce and just decide "f–k it, if they’re filing, I’m filing too."

Nobody wants to be the first to divorce, we suppose.

Or, again, it could all be a coincidence.

Ashley Martson is Done With Jay Smith

There is a chance that we will never see an explanation for the curious timing of divorce filings.

That said, Ashley’s focus right now is probably on her health battle and of course on her children.

Lupus is a serious and brutal illness that is treatable for some, but may claim the lives of others.

Thanks to some generous 90 Day Fiance fans, Ashley was able to afford her surgery.

We wish her happiness and health as she recovers from this frightening medical ordeal.

We definitely prefer reality TV drama over real-life medical emergencies, thank you very much.