David Beador: Shannon is a Drunk Who Can't Be Trusted Around My Kids!!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador continues feuding with fellow Housewives, but she's also caught up in another fight.

Her ex-husband, David, is accusing her of being an alcoholic.

He has filed papers with the court to prevent her from drinking -- at all -- when she's spending time with their teen daughters.

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Us Weekly confirms that David Beador filed papers with the court, hoping to forbid Shannon from drinking around their teenage daughters.

"The mother has publicly stated on television within the last month, she ‘self-medicates’ with alcohol," the documents accuse.

Discussing your personal life is part of being a reality star, but your words can be thrown back in your face in court if you're not careful.

"That behavior is detrimental to the children," David's attorney claims.

Their children are Sophie, who is 16, and twins Stella and Adeline, who are each 14.

Shannon and David

According to David's team's request, Shannon would be under very strict rules that go beyond avoiding having wine with dinner.

The proposed court order would prevent Shannon from drinking at all while the girls are with her.

That would include a ban on drinking eight hours before the girls come to stay with her.

An order like this is usually made when someone has demonstrated that they have a drinking problem.

That said, for those without a drinking problem, it's usually easy enough -- if socially inconvenient -- to follow.

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Does Shannon have a drinking problem and, if so, is it actually negatively impactful to her girls in any way?

Honestly, we don't know.

Either way, this sounds like a clear effort to use Shannon's status as a reality star against her.

Things had been going a little better with Shannon and David's divorce, right up until the reunion special aired.

Is this David's attempt to exact revenge upon Shannon for disparaging him and his girlfriend on international television?

Or was this born of genuine concern?

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This news comes on the heels of Shannon facing a real medical crisis.

On Monday, December 17, Shannon revealed that she had gone to the emergency room.

"At ER with horrible pain in my ribs," Shannon shared with her fans and followers. "Getting tests."

"Everyone so nice but not a hospital fan..." she admitted.

Mystery pains are never good, but when they're in or around your chest, they can be downright scary.

Shannon Beador on Poker Night

Fortunately, Shannon had more to tell her followers.

"No blood clot," she announced. "And all is good."

The human body is kind of a mess, so sometimes phantom pains defy explanation.

In this case, if Shannon received a specific diagnosis, she did not see fit to share it with fans.

"Heading home with an antibiotic," Shannon revealed. "Thank you to so many of you for the well wishes."

Shannon told her fans: "It’s overwhelming and kind."

Shannon Beador for Season 13

Maybe David has real concerns about Shannon's drinking, or maybe this is just a game that he's playing with their divorce. Maybe both.

Some fans cannot help but be reminded of one of the elements in the dissolution of their marriage.

David, as you may recall, did not respond well when Shannon's stress eating caused her to gain weight.

It reached a point where Shannon said David stopped loving her because she was fat.

Does David, even now that he's moved on with a younger lady love, feel a need to control what Shannon puts in her body?

Or is this just fatherly concern for his teenage daughters, who may soon be exposed to alcohol at parties if they are not already?

His motives remain shrouded. We'll see what the court decides.

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