Shannon Beador Attacks Fellow Housewife in Cryptic Post

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It looks like not everyone has made nice since Shannon Beador flipped out on her castmates in Jamaica.

Shannon has taken to social media to condemn people who cause drama -- without naming any names.

One fellow Housewife saw it ... and may have implied that they're no longer friends.

Shannon Beador Is Not Impressed

Shannon Beador apologized to her co-stars following her big blow-up in Jamaica.

But there are clearly some lingering issues and conflicts.

At least, that's what Shannon implied with her recent post.

She shared one of those messages designed for older moms to share on social media (which is exactly her demographic, we're not being shady).

The post reads: "For those of you who like to stir the pot, make sure you have a tight grip on the handle."

Shannon captioned the photo with a simple tag: "#verytightgrip."

Shannon Beador shares mombait post about those who stir the pot

Shannon didn't name any names, but Tamra Judge saw fit to comment under the post.

"Love you my friend," Tamra's comment begins.

"We were good," she writes.

(Really interesting use of the past tense, there)

"No," Tamra continues. "I should have not talked about my frustrations."

"But," she points out. "I'm pretty sure Gina & Kelly called you mental."

Tamra Judge Screams at Shannon Beador

Shannon may have flipped out on a number of her co-stars while in Jamaica, but we all remember Tamra screaming in response.

Commenters remember the role that Tamra played, even if they didn't always spell her name correctly.

"Gina definitely stirred it," one commenter wrote, keeping with the pot-stirring metaphor. "But Tamara supplied the ingredients."

Tamra saw this and responded: "No I didn't."

"Pretty sure the other girls said shannon had mental problems," Tamra insisted. "I was coming from place of concern."

Shannon Beador at Dinner in Jamaica

Tamra may have taken Shannon's vaguepost personally, but many asssumed that Gina Kirschenheiter was the one being vagued.

(Remember, if it's not a tweet, it can't be a subtweet -- it's a vague)

Gina did go around saying that "everyone" was talking about Shannon's mental state.

And Vicki Gunvalson slammed her new castmates for being "obsessed" with Shannon.

Neither Gina nor Emily made fast friends with Shannon.

At the end of the day, pot-stirring aside, Shannon's big blow-up on camera may have been as much from the heat in Jamaica as anything else.

They were staying at a hotel that had no air conditioning. It was summer.

These Housewives are made of sterner stuff than I am -- I would have quit the show to flee from that heat.

Shannon Beador on Poker Night

Some fans openly suggested that Shannon's conflict with co-stars arose because she envied the younger, newer Housewives.

After all, Emily is happy with her life, and Gina is going through her divorce with dignity and even contentment.

But Kelly Dodd insists that Shannon isn't jealous of the new women.

She says that Shannon just takes a while to warm up to new people, and that she doesn't handle change very well.

(Who among us does handle change well? I don't even like when other people rearrange the furniture in their homes)

Combine Shannon's resistance to change with the stress of her messy, contentious divorce from David, and you can see why she's on edge.

Shannon Beador Apologizes

But Shannon didn't really spell out the intended target of her post.

It could mean Gina -- but it could also mean Tamra.

(It seems more likely that Tamra just assumed that it was about her, because Tamra can be a little tightly wound)

This may be one of those "You're So Vain" situations where, if you think it's about you, it's about you.

But we will say that Shannon and Gina seem to have mended fences. Social media has shown them hanging out.

The peril of vague posts is that they're always vague, and you risk upsetting people you didn't mean to offend.

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