Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson: Still Together and Still Awful!

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After he was exposed as a cheater, Colt Johnson claimed that 90 Day Fiance fame went to his head and made him cheat.

Now, Colt is publicly apologizing to his wife and condemning fans who rush to judge him.

Meanwhile, Larissa is claiming that, despite her domestic battery arrests, she has never been abusive to Colt.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima, Still Together

Speaking to InTouch Weekly, Larissa Dos Santos Lima condemns claims that she was abusive to Colt.

"I was not abusive to Colt," Larissa insists.

She refers to both her behavior on 90 Day Fiance and to her two domestic battery arrests.

"Anything pointing otherwise is extremely edited or taken out of context," she claims.

It's true that reality shows, 90 Day Fiance included, may edit out context.

But are we to believe that police reports about them do the same?

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson Wedding Photo

Despite the recent revelations about Colt's rampant cheating on her with various Instagram women, Larissa isn't giving up.

"I love Colt," Larissa insists. "And we have normal relationship troubles like any other couple."

For the record, some friction with Colt's mom is normal. The cheating, the domestic battery arrests, and the toxic fighting are not.

"I understand his actions," Larissa says. "And I will forgive him."


"A true relationship," Larissa believes. "Is two imperfect people unwilling to give up on each other."

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson DMs exposed

In one of the messages that Larissa exposed, Colt claimed to an Instagram mistress that Larissa was "violent."

Within the context of the message, it appeared that he was using that as an excuse for why his online affair had to remain a secret.

"He was lying to these girls," Larissa says. "It was already proved."

"He was talking to a girl making promises of a relationship," Larissa notes. "And talking to others as well behind her back."

"He was saying whatever he wanted to make these girls feel sorry for him," Larissa points out.


"If I was an abusive wife," Larissa says. "He could just get divorced."

There are many abuse victims who have to stay with their partners for financial security, for their children, for citizenship, or in fear of their lives.

As far as we know, Colt has no such ties forcing him to stay with Larissa.

Larissa says that if she were abusive, "he would not be here right now asking me to come back to him."

"He is [begging] for forgiveness," she characterizes.

"So," Larissa asks, in the eyes of some fans, "how come I am abusive?"

Colt and Larissa on Instagram

Most of that was pretty well-reasoned.

Unfortunately, Larissa then takes things too far and shoots herself in the foot.

"The real abuse is the humiliation of being cheated," Larissa claims.

Cheating is a dicksh thing to do, but it is by no means as bad as abuse.

Equating the two makes it sound like domestic violence is much less serious than it really is.

"I am the abused victim here," Larissa concludes, to the frustration of fans who have begun to root for her.

At best, they may hope that something has been lost in translation from her native Portuguese.

Colt Johnson Selfie

Larissa and Colt both shared a message that Colt wrote on Instagram.

"All of these accusations are ridiculous and need to stop," Colt insists.

"Whatever problems I have in MY relationship," he writes. "I’ll deal with them."

He doesn't want advice on how to apologize or how to not cheat or how to not be a condescending jerk to her constantly.

Colt says: "I will work on them in private."

90 Day Fiance Larissa accuses a woman of flirting with Colt

Last week, fans learned of Colt's multiple flirtations on social media.

But Colt says that none of it is serious -- at least, not anymore.

"There is nobody special for me," Colt writes.

He clarifies: "There is no new girlfriend."

And to think that he'd been telling some women that he and Larissa were secretly separated but not telling anyone yet.

Colt and Larissa Meet in Mexico

"I love Larissa," Colt claims.

"And," he continues. "I want to fight for our relationship."

Colt concludes: "and I apologize for all the pain I caused to her."

This couple has seemed toxic since Larissa stepped off the plane.

Can they really make it work?

Only time will tell. For now, Larissa is taking a break from social media.

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