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While Kendra Wilkinson is quick to encourage her fans to check out her awesome boobs, she’s also battling insecurities.

How does she date at this point in her life, just months after her divorce was finalized. Does she even want to date?

Kendra Wilkinson is Unimpressed
Photo via Instagram

With the image above, Kendra gave her fans a sneak peek at her dating life at present.

"If anyone is wondering how my dating life is going…" Kendra tweeted for her followers.

She included a screencap, which you can see below, of her text messages with a friend.

"Those days of trying are over," Kendra laments in a text message to her friend.

Kendra Wilkinson text messages about dating December 2018

"I’m too special to put myself out there like that," the reality star and Playboy model admits.

To be clear, she is parodying the way that she views herself after a decade of marriage.

"I see myself that high up," Kendra writes.

Her friend, whose words are in the gray bubbles, tries to pursuade her to try dating casually.

Very, very casually.

Kendra Wilkinson, Steamy Mirror Selfie
Photo via Instagram

"I mean you don’t gotta dress up!" Kendra’s unnamed friend suggests.

"S–t," her friend exclaims. "Wear leggings and some Nike’s."

Kendra counters: "I ain’t gonna do s–t."

Clearly, Kendra is discovering how difficult it can feel to put oneself out there into the dating world after going through marital problems, a separation and a divorce.

Wilkinson and Hank
Photo via Instagram

She was with Hank Baskett for so long, as fans are aware. She’s out of practice, and also plagued by insecurities.

The fact that he may or may not have been given hand relief by a transgender model can’t feel good for her either. 

Regardless of whether Ava London made Hank climax manually, her friend is hoping to shake her out of this funk.

What are friends for??

Goodbye, Hank
Photo via Getty Images for WE tv

"Be sexy but comfortable," the friend implores her, hoping that a little push might get her swagger back.

Kendra very simply replies: "nope."

Working up the motivation and energy to reenter the dating market can seem insurmountable, to be sure.

Kendra’s followers took notice and responded, reaching out with their own messages of support.

Kendra Wilkinson tweet: not gonna get that D

"Seems like you’re fighting it LOL," replied one fan.

Kendra quoted the tweet and gave a very realistic response … in typically blunt Wilkinson fashion.

"Well I’m def not going to get the D with that attitude so," the 33-year-old bombshell admits.

Kendra adds that it’s a "hard place to be." Pun very much intended, we’d have to imagine.

Kendra Wilkinson Brunette Pic
Photo via Instagram

Kendra is definitely one of those stars who keeps an eye on what her followers are saying in response to her tweets.

Just recently, she was very entertained when her fans totally misinterpreted the meaning of a tweet.

"I try so f–king hard to like nuts," Kendra lamented on Twitter.

If you don’t like a kind of food, that’s probably not going to change. Just accept it and move on. Right?

Kendra Wilkinson, New Hair Pic
Photo via Instagram

Her followers, however, assumed — or at least joked — that she was not referring to food, but to anatomy.

"Dirty ass minds smh," Kendra tweeted, with an emoji of a face laughing until tears poured down its cheeks.

Kendra is famous and gorgeous and could definitely find success and happiness through dating.

But if she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t have to.

There are plenty of people who get divorced and just give up on dating. There’s more to being a person than a relationship.

(Plus, there are plenty of asexual and aromantic folks who don’t date because they wouldn’t get anything out of it)

Kendra has one hell of a sex drive, but if she wants to take some time off from dating for a while, good for her.

Maybe she needs to figure out what she wants in her life at this stage before she tries to figure out what she wants in a partner.

That said, if she wants to get laid, her friend is right — she doesn’t need to put in too much effort.

If so many men don’t stress about prepping for a date, why should Kendra freaking Wilkinson?