Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Blames ME For His Extramarital Handjob!

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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, after weeks of what we can only awkwardly characterize as "hype," split.

At first, things were looking more-or-less amicable.

That has now changed.

Kendra has gone from posting about being sad and single and needed to feel motivated and excited again to tweeting some accusations against Hank.

These aren't what you'd expect -- they're not accusations about his behavior during their nearly 9 years of marriage.

These are accusations about his behavior towards her now that they have broken up.

Kendra hastily deleted most of the tweets that we are about to show you.

Take a look:

1. Kendra and Hank are over

Kendra and Hank are over
This we've known for a little while, and it appeared to be amicable at first. It looks like things have turned downright nasty, however.

2. First, Kendra accuses Hank of recording her

First, Kendra accuses Hank of recording her
In some cases, and in some parts of the United States, it is illegal to record someone speaking without their permission. In any event, it's rarely something you do when you're on good terms with your partner, or ex.

3. She says that he blames her for a lot of things

She says that he blames her for a lot of things
Not entirely sure how he figures that. This is something that happens, sooner or later, to every athlete, and Hank - while absolutely great at his sport, to even make it to the highest level in college and pro football - was never an elite player by NFL standards.

4. That wasn't his most outlandish claim

That wasn't his most outlandish claim
While Kendra was pregnant with their daughter, Alijah, Hank reportedly cheated on her with a transgender model, though he insists that he was, at worst, a passive participant in Ava London giving him hand relief, over the shorts (this claim is disputed). Other reports claim that the two went further than he claims. Regardless, it's hard to see how a pregnant Kendra could have forced his hand (sorry ... or any other body part).

5. Kendra was outta there.

Kendra was outta there.
No one likes being recorded or disrespected. Especially by an ex. There are clearly a lot of emotions in play, but this was reportedly what pushed her past her breaking point.

6. But Kendra wasn't done

But Kendra wasn't done
Not even close. Kendra deleted those tweets - which included some serious accusations - but then she tweeted out some further thoughts, which have ALSO since been deleted. You're not going to believe those ...

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