Kendra Wilkinson: Check Out My Awesome Boobs, Haters!

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Kendra Wilkinson ...

Bless her heart.

Kendra Wilkinson Brunette Pic

Sometimes that's all you can say when you look at her, you know?

She can just be so very simple, and it seems like she's always going through so much.

For a very long time -- too long, some may say, but there was a reality show to film, after all -- she was dealing with husband Hank Baskett's cheating scandal.

And now, she's dealing with the fact that Hank is no longer her husband.

Goodbye, Hank

Yep, the divorce was finally made official this month, and as heartbreaking as that is, you know Kendra has to move on ...

... To new drama!

See, for some reason, years and years after becoming famous for her body, Kendra is speaking out about body-shaming.

She has a point, for sure, but why now?

Here, let's just see what she had to say (spoiler: it's a lot), then we can discuss.

Kendra Wilkinson's boobs

So Kendra shared that photo of her chest, and in her caption, she wrote that "I get a lot of sh-t for my boobs."

And then she proceeded to tell us "the true story."

"I don't get dressed or have any intentions on using the boobs to get a man or attention," she began.

"I throw on clothes, get ready for the day like everyone."

Kendra Wilkinson in 2018

She said that she got breast implants when she was 18 because "I was and am an athelete n Tom boy n i felt that i wanted to do something to make MYSELF feel more like a chick BEFORE playboy was even an option."

"Ended up being the best investment of my life but at the end of the day I'm still that Tom boy who can care less what a man thinks."

She explained that she doesn't try to flaunt her boobs, "they are just on me n apart of me."

"To shame or make a woman feel bad for having boobs n wearing a tank top is not ok n haters should be the ones asking themselves 'why am i hating on a woman for having boobs.'"

Kendra Wilkinson with The Finger

Indignant Kendra also said that she breastfed her kids, and yes, she wears slightly revealing clothes from time to time, and when she does, "they jiggle and bounce."

However, "I don't have time to sit here n keep blaming myself for looking a certain way n where i come from n what I've done in my life."

On a happier note, she wrote that she does enjoy her life, "so everything else that people seem think is their problem not mine."

(Yeah, it's a little hard to understand her sometimes, but it's Kendra, come on.)

Kendra Wilkinson, Big Hair Selfie

"I literally can have a day where I'm only focused on my kids and school and sports, one pic is taken n people say to 'grow up,'" she complained.

"Ummmm I'm sorry that my boobs are making you so mad but I'm doing my job as a mother and a woman every minute of every day."

"Sooooo," she concluded, "in the end i speak not only for myself but for other women who have boobs too."

The women, as well as the boobs, surely thank you, Kendra.

Kendra Wilkinson, No Makeup Photo

Look, like we said, she's a little simple, OK?

And the repeated use of "n" instead of "and" is sort of oddly maddening.

But she definitely makes sense here.

Even though she's built a career on her body, and even though she's made significant changes to that body, it doesn't define her.

Kendra Wilkinson Armpits Photo

Of course she shouldn't get any hate for living her life while also having large fake breasts.

No one should.

Is it interesting that she's going off on this kind of rant and sharing a photo of her chest immediately after finalizing her divorce?

It really, really is.

But still, she has a point!

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